I Am Autumn

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Poesy plus Polemics

autumn-abstract-102812-david-lane “Autumn Abstract” by David Lane

I am autumn

come sit here with me

bring your silence

as summer recedes

give us listen

my speeches of color

each outburst

a soundless explosion

reflecting the thoughts

that I know to be

troubling you

draped with despair

helpless grief

at the dying of summer

and with it its promise

to make you a place

in its ancient admired

beds of beauty

a place of respect

an inclusion

in cultural gardens

conveying a dignity

long in abeyance

withheld by ambivalent

warm sun and sky

too preoccupied

with their familiars

to recognize differences

strengthen their realm

that diversity serves

to enrich their dominion

their vast astronomical

prelacy pointless

unless it will bless both

the silent and vocal

the dreary and vivid

the weak and the strong

I am autumn

come sit here with me

mark my colors

these old and new

foreign and

native phrased…

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