A Notice of Current Events

Good evening those who may still be interested in what is developing with this rogue, little press. Virgogray Press strives to bring you some of the best in new and established underground voices in the realms of poetry and literature. Why? Who can say. As the publisher, I can only say this is an interest I have pursued literally from childhood. The creation of books. Words in print. Why? Who knows. I don’t. Yet here I am driven. In 2008, by chance, and also the second attempt, I took the position of publisher. That may cause one to ask, well who can be a publisher? What merits must be earned to take the seat behind the desk and create and share? Indeed, in the wild, wild west of independent and small press and underground, it seems anyone can be a publisher. In 2008, a new voice approached me with a manuscript of poetry. A chapbook was made. The ball began rolling. The many exploits that have ensued in the last five years have been amazing, the people I’ve met and worked with have been phenomenal. But, now the press is at a point where life has necessitated negligence. Bear in mind Virgogray Press has always been a love-labor endeavor, independent in the purest sense of the word. The only credential this publisher holds is the love and appreciation of the work presented. To that end, we find ourselves at a bit of a reset period for the press. And so, until further notice, submissions to all publications have been suspended. If any work was submitted prior to 9/12/13, you should consider your submission released from our que; meaning, we will not be publishing any work submitted prior to 9/12/13. I apologize if this causes any inconvenience. I greatly appreciate the interest in the press, and in choosing our publications as a venue for your work. When submissions open again, at a yet-to-be determined date, all are welcome to re-submit.

This means that all submissions sent to Carcinogenic Poetry, Nothing. No One. Nowhere., The Occupy Poetry Project are currently not accepting submissions. I will, however, be releasing the 3rd and 4th volume of Carcinogenic Poetry encapsulating poetry by various talented underground poets from 2012 and 2013. Also in the works will be a collecting of works published on The Occupy Poetry Project, a re-issue of Nothing. No One. Nowhere. #1, and further issues of the mag.

When will Virgogray re-open to submissions? Therein lies the suspense. Carcinogenic Poetry will continue to publish, but not before the end of the year. To our other humble publications? You know what they say, “It’s the new millennium, downsize…”


Website Updates

Good evening, readers and visitors. I hope this entry finds you well. As you may have noticed as of April 2013 there were many changes to the appearance and feel of the Virgogray Press website. I hope visitors who frequent are as pleased as I. The main things I wanted to accomplish with this website overhaul is 1) more attention to the publications, 2) more information regarding our writers and 3) easier navigation. I think I’ve accomplished most with this template I’m using, which I really do like. I am definitely growing the site into it. There are several features that I am excited to mention about with the new overhaul. For one, we’ve added information on all titles currently available from Virgogray Press. By hovering over the “Publications” tab, the “Collections” sub-tab will appear and drop down links to read info on Virgogray poetry collections. The collections consist of NO FEAR by Doctori Sadisco through our latest release, Beneath our Feet by Mary Harrison. An included feature: if visitors are interested in purchasing the collection, they only have to click the picture to be taken to a transaction page. The same can be said of the new release graphics on the side bar. Another feature is the authors’ page which has now been separated into two pages. I’ve updated the page and added links to author websites so fans and readers may pursue further information. I am currently in the process of adding biographical information to the authors’ page and will be adding more authors soon. There are still more developments to come. As for the blog, there are a couple of interviews coming, and some other stuff. Don’t forget to check out our new releases for 2013: The End of Mythology by A. Molotkov and John Sibley, Williams, Beneath our Feet by Mary B. Harrison, and Nothing. No One. Nowhere. issue 5, edited by Sonnet Mondal (f.y.i., the entire current issue of N.N.N. will be available at its website http://www.nothingnoonenowhere.com/, check it out for updates). Visit our purchase page and buy our books. Help us continue to support the literary arts and the inspired work of poetry. Thanks for stopping by and your continued interest.

Updates: Patriotic Poetry

We have received several submissions for our patriotic poetry anthology. However, less than half will see publication.

We appreciate those who have diligently submitted their work for consideration, but we are somewhat disillusioned by writer’s ideas of patriotic poetry. We are NOT looking for abstract poetry. We are not looking for damning poetry. We are not looking specifically for war poetry. We are looking for writing bold in its love for country and the philosophy that founded this country.

In light of corporate media and the government’s control of education and dissemination of information, quite frankly we do not blame the writers for submitting. A lack of understanding can only be expected when no food is taught or given to sustain this type of idea. To be frank, the political landscape has been illusory and a show for many decades in this country. While we prefer not to get into political biases or speak of such things on our website, as this is a political-type anthology, we will delve into that realm, if not for the benefit of our readers and those who wish to publish with Virgogray Press.

We are looking for all types of poetry created with a patriotic twist/focus/theme. We are not just looking for poems about America or the United States Constitution, but poems that exemplify the American spirit, what it means to be American, or the philosophy surrounding the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

We understand, especially having opened submissions for this theme in the past, that patriotic poetry, or verse espousing your love of country or said country’s ideals is as dead as Walt Whitman, but we encourage those writers who may have never had an inkling of patriotic poetry bubbling in their soul to give it a try, or to challenge themselves. With as much action going on in the political circus that is the presidential elections, we have no doubt that there is plenty to glean from or be inspired by—so go flip on that alternative media (and flip off the lame-stream media) and find out what’s going on; look up the works and lives of Ben Franklin or Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson or Thomas Paine or Ron Paul (we are aware these individuals may have had imperfections like the rest of us, so let’s try not to focus on that), and see if the message of liberty and freedom doesn’t water the roots of your creativity. We’re throwing you some bones here, and we hope you pick them up.

The title of the upcoming patriotic poetry anthology is Sing Now, America (perhaps this will inspire). So sing—NOW, America—the world is waiting to hear you.