Virgogray Press publishes primarily poetry of the independent, literary underground.  VGP first started publishing writers in 2008. Between then and 2010, the press produced hand-made, d.i.y. saddle-stitched chapbooks. In 2011, Virgogray Press joined the P.O.D. revolution. The following are poetry collections currently available.


NO FEAR by Doctori Sadisco (2010)
In the Broken Things – Gillian Prew (2011)
Vegas Implosions & The Exterminator Chronicles – Chris D’Errico (2011)
By the Banks of the Ajoy, Jaideb Vanishes into the Blue – Subhankar Das (2011)
Elektra’s Mouth – Suzi Kaplan Olmsted (2012)
Elephants I Didn’t Ride – Peter Marti (2012)
You Are Not a Normal Human Being by Justin Blackburn (2012)
Sinister Splashplay by David S. Pointer  (2012)
Ministry of Kybosh by Chris D’Errico (2012)
The End of Mythology by A. Molotkov & John Sibley Williams (2013)
Beneath our Feet by Mary B. Harrison (2013)


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