Welcome to the Official Virgogray Press Website

Virgogray Press was established in 2004 and has operated as an  an independent, and perennial literary publisher based out of central Texas. Poetry, literature in any mode, artwork: Virgogray Press takes heart in collecting and sharing the work of poets and writers from around the world. Since 2008, Virgogray has worked with and published  indie, underground, and underrepresented artists including Bay Area Beat poets, Marc Olmsted and Suzi Kaplan Olmsted, Texas’ own, Donna Snyder, midwest Beat, Doctori Sadisco, Bangali poet, Subhankar Das, Scotland’s Gillian Prew  and Michael McAloran, musician and singer, A.J. Kaufman of Poland, and hundreds of others via our anthologies, and online journal, Carcinogenic Poetry

Virgogray Press is a labor of passion that runs on the blood of poets and the love of readers around the world. Thanks for visiting.

Established 2004.