Virgogray Press has been a labor of love from day one, and driven to share and support the work of independent, unknown and established writers from around the world. Our audiences span from continent to continent with readership in  North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia (and many of our writers are from these places and everywhere in between). Virgogray Press has always been a huge supporter of poetry, over 90% of its catalog collecting the artistic, insightful and sometimes jarring work of inspired writers. We are proud to feature these talents and build a library of poets that speak from the heart. 

Virgogray Press has operated as an independent, D.I.Y. press from its inception that utilizes technology to keep time as the primary expense in production. We could do so much more. But we need your help. Your support today means updated and working material, regular maintenance and upkeep of our website, a modified honorarium for authors, a promotional and marketing budget,  compensation for energy costs, library maintenance, print runs, and much more. We do have bigger goals at the press, all insulated by the desire to read, share and archive poetry. 

Here are a few ways you can support Virgogray Press

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Virgogray Press is independently owned and operated by Michael Aaron Casares.
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