Vegas Implosions – Chris D’Errico

Vegas Implosions (2nd edition). Published July 2011. 60 Pages.
Vegas Implosions & Exterminator Chronicles. Published July 2011. 60 Pages.



Chris D’Errico’s collection of poetry Vegas Implosions is an examination of the sordid city of sin from this Massachusetts born poet. Now in this new expanded edition that includes the ‘script The Exterminator Chronicles, D’Errico has broken down and recreated a new volume that is a macro and micro cosm of sin city itself, both as a citizen and as an exterminator. D’Errico’s unique visual/graphic poetry, intermixed with his snapshot/sketch type style plays a role as anew generation of beat-flavored poetry captures the Vegas landscape. Vegas Implosions was originally published as a saddle stitch chapbook by Virgogray Press in 2008. This edition contains new poems, as well as revised though remains true to the original vibe of the first edition chapbook.