Poets & Authors

More information on the writers published by Virgogray Press will be available soon.


Poet: Doctori Sadisco
Location: WI, USA
Publications: NO FEAR (2010)
Gillian Prew. Click for more information
Poet: Gillian Prew
Location: Scotland, UK
Publications: In the Broken Things (2011)


Poet: Subhankar Das
Location: Kolkata, India
Publications: By the Banks of the Ajoy, Jaideb Vanishes into the Blue (2011)
Poet: David S. Pointer
Location: TN, USA
Publications: Sinister Splashplay (2012)
Poet: Chris D’Errico
Location: NV, USA
Publications: Vegas Implosions (2008/2011), Ministry of Kybosh (2012) 
Poet: Marc Olmsted
Location: CA, USA
Publications: Fresh Lotus Rehab (2009),
Dear Bela (co-editor, 2010)
Poet: Justin Blackburn
Location: SC, USA
Publications: Farting Fire (2009),
You Are Not a Normal Human Being (2012)
Poet: Suzi Kaplan Olmsted
Location: CA, USA
Publications: Institutional Wallet (2009),
Elektra’s Mouth (2012)
Poet: A.J. Kaufmann
Location: Poland
Publications: Broke Nuptial Minds (2009)
Poet: Donna Snyder
Location: TX, USA
Publications: I Am South (2010)
Poet: Michael Mc Aloran
Location: Ireland
Publications: The Death-Streaked Air (2010)