Excerpt: Forward from ‘The Vanishing Poet,’ Upcoming from Michael Aaron Casares

We are conscious energy. We are energy having a ‘human’ experience. Everything is energy, condensed wavelengths or particles determining how heavy or how light the energy. Energy that pulses with vibration, low or high, negative or positive, does not die, it changes. And the first, and possibly the most important, task on our to-do list:

To remember.

Once we’ve remembered, everything else begins to fall into place in fulfillment with the divine contracts, the promises, we made to ourselves before setting out on this journey. And everyone, every bit of aware energy, has a purpose; and the purpose is different for everybody. Whether the gatekeeper to an invaluable innovation, whether to learn from the lessons of transgression, or to be a cog in the wheel, we all have individual purpose. We all have choice. We have autonomy. It is up to us to choose if the sun will set in heavy energies of fear and negativity, or love and gratitude.

The previous is an excerpt from the upcoming collection of poetry titled, The Vanishing Poet. The book will be published by indie publishers, Virgogray Press. A soft release is coming soon, with an official release and book tour to follow. More information coming soon. Pick up Michael’s other collection: This Reality of Man online or ask for it at your favorite, local bookstore.