Press Release: Texas Beat Poet Delivers Best, Even in Death by Michael Aaron Casares, a New Collection of Poetry from Virgogray Press

Title: Even In Death
Author: Michael Aaron Casares
Publisher: Virgogray Press
Genre: Poetry
Page Count: 114
Publication Date: November 8, 2021
Release Date: December 14, 2021

Synopsis: A volume of contemporary poems born in pre-pandemic America that travels through that first solitary year. A collection celebrating life through consequences and the lessons that scar between experiences. Poetry written alone from its inception to its end. The evolution of the process sits silent, concerned with love, isolated in solace. It elucidates experience beyond resolve and repair, dissects the patterns of life as the world begins to slip into silence, and departure. It is a volume written in this subtle sleeve of time; a requiem given for the hearts of many.

About the Author: Michael Aaron Casares is an American poet and writer. He is author of Even in Death (2021), The Vanishing Poet (2020) and The Distance to the End (2016).


Even In Death may be purchased directly from Virgogray Press, via Amazon, or from your favorite place to order books onine.

Michael is available for interviews and other public/online events.


Links: (author webpage) (publisher webpage) authorpage (author Amazon page) (author YT page)

Get Published in Carcinogenic Poetry

Virgogray Press is seeking new poetry for its flagship poetry journal, Carcinogenic Poetry. Started in 2009, Carcinogenic Poetry has proudly featured hundreds of poems from writers around the world. Make no mistake, however, Carcinogenic Poetry is not a publication about cancer, nor does it look to publish poetry on the topic. In regard to why Virgogray Press chose to name the journal “Carcinogenic Poetry,” it has long been held that “The Truth Is To Lies Like Cancer.” That has been the ‘motto’ of Carcinogenic Poetry since it first opened its doors to poets more than a decade ago. Some writers got it. While works of fiction can ring out the truths borne deep of the author’s soul, Virgogray Press has long held that poetry emerges from the birthing place of that truth; as an artform, rather than an academic practice, poetry finds its true value from this truth. In keeping with this truth, Carcinogenic Poetry resonates with writing that eats at readers from the inside. And that is the poetry Virgogray Press seeks to feature in Carcinogenic Poetry.

Carcinogenic Poetry has specific requirements for publication aside from the general, though necessary criteria listed above. These requirements are not stringent, and offer poets the opportunity to share previously published work. However, if one sends previously published poems, make sure these poems were published more than two years ago, and the writer must send bibliographic accounting of this publication (the publication and the date of publication) for each sent poem. Another term of publication, authors must send a physical mailing address with their poetry. In a world so anonymous behind computer screens and avatars, it is necessary to keep a record for receipt. Rest assured, all author information is kept confidential, and is not shared with any third party. Finally, we do not accept poetry sent by literary agents or third parties. All poetry sent to Carcinogenic Poetry must be sent by the poet or author themselves, no messengers or middle members. Here are the complete publishing guidelines:

Publishing Guidelines

  • Send up to 5 poems
  • No simultaneous submissions
  • Previously published work is accepted
    – send title & date of previous publication
    – cannot be submitted within 2 year of previous publication
  • Send 50 word (or less) biographical sketch
  • Send address and contact information
  • ATTACH poems w/name and address in (.DOC) file.
  • Mark subject line: Carcinogenic Poetry / (last name)
  • Email to: virgograypress (at) gmail (dot) com
  • Poets may only submit once per 6 months if published

Thank you for considering Carcinogenic Poetry as a venue for your poems. As the Virgogray Press archive of literature continues to grow, it is hoped your work will be a part of the library.