Beneath Our Feet – New Poetry Collection from Mary B. Harrison



It is with deep humility and gratitude that Virgogray Press has now released a new collection of poetry by Missouri poet, Mary B. Harrison. Beneath Our Feet has been a long time coming from Virgogray Press, and a production process that took longer than initially planned, the collection has finally arrived. I am pleased with the outcome, as Mary has expressed satisfaction, as well. It is a beautiful and sad collection of verse that really draws from life, but reflects it in snapshots of poetic expression. I am pleased to have this grouping of poetry, this body of art in the Virgogray Press library among the other gems of the underground and independent literary canon.

In Beneath our Feet, Mary B. Harrison’s poems are ghost-like snapshots, visual memories, history poetic as conveyed in the writer’s verse. Reflections at the evening of reality, Harrison’s poetry is a force of nostalgia behind a quiet, yet sharp voice. Astounding visions, moments weighted with sadness and notes of depression, the memories in a life of loss. Whether the curse of longevity, or good fortune, Beneath our Feet is a solemn account, a creative vision sculpted by the poetry of the thought-full poet deeply interred in her craft as readers witness through her movie reel instances of poetic imagery and detail. Still, this collection is a brief candle, a respite poignant and deliberate, a noted sharing by a poet brave and skilled, a lucid withdrawal into the whispers of fine literature.

Ministry of Kybosh, New from Chris D’Errico

Chris D’Errico’s new collection, “Ministry of Kybosh” is now available from Virgogray Press. Minstry of Kybosh brings together two sections of writing, the first a prose poem, absurdist, broken stream of conscious and the second a juxtapose in structure and construction. A dynamic addition to Chris D’Errico’s body of work.

You Are Not a Normal Human Being by Justin Blackburn

In 2009 we were thrilled to release Justin Blackburn’s seminal publication, “Farting Fire,” and the world was introduced to a young, vibrant, wild poet who through his blatant and forthright honesty, conveyed through poetry a beauty of message and persona. Now in this decadent age of 2012, Justin Blackburn returns with his latest collection, “You Are Not a Normal Human Being” is a 100 page dash across the life and times of Justin Blackburn: poet, comedian and spiritual teacher. Readers can expect elements of these to shine through poems that reaffirm the mysteries of life with gracious love and insight. As life can be blatantly honest, so to can Justin’s poetry, and this collection presents itself as a story of a person in the process of having found themselves, perhaps on the edge of acceptance, and the process is teaching, informing, all while entertaining and sometimes shocking. In You are Not a Normal Human Being, Justin takes readers by the hand through an adventure that is sometimes jarring, sometimes sweet, sometimes sexy, sometimes enlightening. There are moments of poetic vividness,


On the back porch the people play and sing
Steve miller praise songs to the eternal joker.

A young goddess, brown haired, halo, dancer suggests 4 Non Blonde,
the guitar man says “sing it sweetie,” she does
and the backyard porch universe is in perfect order once again
with the precise people screaming and cheering, on and for the life,
the music, the song, the dance, the voice, the everything.

The simple savory sweet children of music
swallow the super duper joys accompanying life
with every idea of their own divinity inside
the everlasting moment of singing a song straight from the heart.

~ Back Porch  (p. 74)

There are moments of lewdness, though intermixed with positive messages, as demonstrated in this prose piece:

Love yourself enough to embrace who you are. The unclaimed parts;

claim them. You like the smell of your own farts, then fart motherfucker,
fart. Love yourself enough to make the saddest, shittiest, whiniest, fucked
faggot assed art and share it. All the judgmental cunts talking shit behind
your back about how much suck, love yourself enough to suck and not
give a shit. Love yourself enough to listen to them bitch and laugh. You
got six toes, oh no everyone thinks it’s gross, love yourself enough to ask
every gossiping gospel Christian to clean your uncivilized fungus Jesus
infested abnormality. You got herpes, walk up to the town’s favorite
judge, and kiss him on the mouth while he’s out to dinner with his big
belly, thieving, lawyer, frat bros. Love yourself enough to admit that
nobody knows; that you don’t need to know, that you do know you
probably started this poem off too raw and real for the way most average
people feel, that you might walk half your crowd right from the beginning,
but know that you love yourself enough to reach far beyond the average
ideas of curtain calls and modern day winning, to express the love blood
that bleeds your perfect broken heart never ending. Love yourself enough
to be aware that this beautiful world is in outer space spinning. Love
yourself enough to exclaim to a crowd of beautiful women and famous
movie star athletes that you have a small, smelly dick even though it’s
obvious you have the biggest, blackest cock in the room.
~ Love Yourself Enough (p.57)

You Are Not a Normal Human Being is a collection of poetry not to miss. It is a read that may not be easy to put down for some, it is an effigy may be treated as a pariah by others, it is a collection we have embraced at Virgogray Press with enthusiasm for the artist and the message conveyed, a vision to be respected for the creator and observer. Don’t miss this exciting new release, You Are Not a Normal Human Being by Justin Blackburn!  100 pages.