A Warm Welcome from Texas

Awesome. Cool beans. Welcome to my first blog here on WordPress. This is the official blog for Virgogray Press. As of late I have been trying to expand to other networking sites and I now find Virgogray Press a home among blogspace. In case you do not know, Virgogray Press is an independent press that I run out of San Antonio, TX. Virgogray is not a big operation, but as time has proven, other’s are coming along to help a bit, and I thank you for that. Virgogray first started publishing in 2004. The first book we published was a small chap called November 2nd. I wrote it pseudonymously and put a little spoken word disc in it that featured the poems in the chap. November 2nd marked the beginning of our venture into the publishing world. To date Virgogray Press has released 6 poetry chapbook publications and 1 collection of poems and there are plans to release 2 more publications before the end of summer 2009.