Poets on Film

Virgogray Press authors have been caught on film, check them out:

Donna Snyder – AWP 2010

Anne McMillen – AWP 2010

Justin Blackburn – My Savior

Justin Blackburn – My Grandfather, Ralph Blackburn

National Poetry Month


National Poetry Month 2010 Poster, art by Marian Bantjes

National Poetry Month started in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets and is held every April. Poets, publishers, booksellers, lit organizations, colleges, libraries and schools celebrate poetry through readings, workshops, performances, festivals, writing and sharing poetry and it’s role in our culture. This year Virgogray celebrates with the release of The National Poetry Month Chapbook Anthology which will include the work of several writers from around the globe. Also we will be publishing a new chapbook by Michael Aaron Casares entitled “Dusking’ that will be available for free, so be sure to let us know if  you want one. 

Dusking by Michael Aaron Casares

Dusking is a brief collection poems and includes: The Hour of the Star, Merge, In Approaching the Sun, The Watchers, Sentiments of Afterthought Reparations, Unrest, See Itself Eternal, Full of Laughter, and Contentious. It is a bit romantic, with a subtle longing that is the essence of a poet’s journey and observation.



This is where I stand today,
I am lost in limbo, I am on a
trip, and my destination
is the resignation of all reality.
Today, I see things differently.
Today, my eyes are not transfixed
upon the prize or security or the means.
Today, is not the day I’ve come to expect,
this day is trapped in a black hole,
some distant void designed to eat my future
& reality. Should I fight this gravity?
Or should this day be lost like the felon
who created it and then ceased to exist?

Virgogray will also have some presence at The Austin International Poetry Festival. Michael will be reading on Sunday April 18, 2010 at Book People in downtown Austin, TX at 3 PM as part of the festival. You may also catch him at Mohawks on Red River for the open mic at noon, too. Virgogray chaps will be available for purchase during the festival, just talk to Michael and we’ll get you set up.  For more info on AIPF check out their website: www.aipf.org

Lastly, AWP is happening this month, too! And Virgogray will be there in the midst of all that poesy as well.  Unlikely Stories and Ahadada books will be hosting an off-site reading event to take place Saturday April 10, 2010 at Michelangelo’s Wine and Coffee Bar (1 Broadway Suite B; Denver, Colorado) from 7 – 11 PM. Virgogray authors Anne McMillen and Donna Snyder will be reading at this event and you can bet they will have copies of their work with them, so be sure to check it out! 

Saturday, April 10, 2010
7:00pm – 11:00pm
Michelangelo’s Wine and Coffee Bar
1 Broadway Suite B

Denver, Colorado 

Poets reading will be Janée J. Baugher, Wendy Taylor Carlisle, Amy Catanzano, León De la Rosa, Adam Halbur, Judy Halebsky, Michael Harold, Deb Hoag, Anne McMillen, Jared Schickling, Judith Skillman, Jeffrey Spahr-Summers, Donna Snyder, Dayana Stetco, Violetta Tarpinian, Donald Wellman, Lawrence Welsh and Joe Zanghi! It is quoted as being “funky, avant-garde and transgressive literature by eighteen writers from Japan, Germany, Mexico, and the U.S.!” It is sure to be a stellar evening! 

And as always, join us at Carcinogenic Poetry for verse old and new with an edge to it. We will be taking submissions throughout April for our next anthology, String of Pearls which will be out in May. Visit our submissions page for details. And also be sure to check out all the titles available in our catalogue! Don’t forget, the fourth book is free! 

Mind Static Volume 3 by Anne McMillen: The Final Installment

Mind Static Volume Three by Anne McMillen

The last installment of Anne McMillen’s Mind Static chapbook series has finally arrived, and is well worth the wait! The third volume continues full stride from the onset of its first poem, The Collective Consciousness: “really, it’s just the same old bitch / about how no one / wants to be wrong / or on the receiving end / of the dick. /One less breath I’ll ever / have to take.  Nearing the photo finish / there is nothing sadder than acceptance of second place. / a general loss of the will to fight… / but, / but, / don’t fight the tide / you’ll only drown faster.” Mind Static as a whole has been a useful glance into the viewpoint of another and at the same time speaks volumes in respect to quality of life and society. At least, that is one view-point considered by this editor when reading literature and Mind Static has been a curious, artistic and powerful voice in this aspect. Consider the books second poem, The Unnatural Life: “eventually we’ll have / wires to replace the veins / that go old and bad. / Reheat our reheatable food. /Slap the tray in the electronic therapy machine ./ Sit to watch it spin. / Meat made from soybean. / Killing cows is inhumane / but if you live in a country / with valuable resources / your life is expendable. / Exploiting the third world / at the expense of this countries impoverished. / Love and cherish peace / by war waging / in the name of it.” Other notable poems included are “Art is Against Life” in which Anne writes about the state of art, calling for a rebirth at the hands of its destruction, and “Purpose of How I Write,” a lesson in attracting readers: “We could play pictionary / with torrents from a florid vocabulary / but you deserve / the slideshow / sideshow. / Torture in small increments / that propel quickly. / Fast enough / to ignore when you / leave the building. / Miniature black holes /  to peak through / at what I am living in / on the other side of our / universe.”  $7 + S/H.