Beneath Our Feet – New Poetry Collection from Mary B. Harrison



It is with deep humility and gratitude that Virgogray Press has now released a new collection of poetry by Missouri poet, Mary B. Harrison. Beneath Our Feet has been a long time coming from Virgogray Press, and a production process that took longer than initially planned, the collection has finally arrived. I am pleased with the outcome, as Mary has expressed satisfaction, as well. It is a beautiful and sad collection of verse that really draws from life, but reflects it in snapshots of poetic expression. I am pleased to have this grouping of poetry, this body of art in the Virgogray Press library among the other gems of the underground and independent literary canon.

In Beneath our Feet, Mary B. Harrison’s poems are ghost-like snapshots, visual memories, history poetic as conveyed in the writer’s verse. Reflections at the evening of reality, Harrison’s poetry is a force of nostalgia behind a quiet, yet sharp voice. Astounding visions, moments weighted with sadness and notes of depression, the memories in a life of loss. Whether the curse of longevity, or good fortune, Beneath our Feet is a solemn account, a creative vision sculpted by the poetry of the thought-full poet deeply interred in her craft as readers witness through her movie reel instances of poetic imagery and detail. Still, this collection is a brief candle, a respite poignant and deliberate, a noted sharing by a poet brave and skilled, a lucid withdrawal into the whispers of fine literature.

S.A. Griffin on Elektra’s Mouth

Elektra’s Mouth by Suzi Kaplan Olmsted shoots the moon. Visual jazz counterpoint provided by Marc Olmsted, helping set fire to this beautiful burning house of love.
~ S.A. Griffin, Los Angeles-based poet, DJ for and co-editor of The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry, awarded The Firecracker Award as best in alternative press, and named Best Performance Poet byWanda Coleman for the LA Weekly in 1989, Griffin has traveled extensively throughout theWestern United States and Canada with Los Angeles based poetry/performance ensemble, The Carma Bums.

Elephants I didn’t Ride — New Poetry from California Poet, Peter Marti


Virgogray is proud to present a new publication of poetry by poet, Peter Marti. Elephants I Didn’t Ride is an exciting collection of photography and verse, that takes readers on a trip to the far East and the lands of Hong Kong, Thailand and Laos. Marti provides poetic snapshots of his journey, a nod to the art of “sketch”style poetry. Elephant’s I Didn’t Ride is almost a poetic diary describing the poet’s encounters all along the way with crisp and sometimes laughable experiences in the unknown. Peter Marti is a veteran of the California post-beat and neo-beat scenes and has had his work published in a variety of mentionable venues, including City Lights Journal and the Beatitude Golden Anniversary issue. Marti also studied at Naropa University and has read alongside poets like Dianne Di Prima and Allen Ginsberg. To share this collection with a hard working and recognized poet as Peter Marti is indeed privelege, and we are sure readers everywhere will be excited by this latest literary work to be added to the underground and independent body. 58 pages. B/W photographs by Bernard Ries.