The VGP Literate No. 4

Prayer to La Madre Tierra
(Spanish & English)

…Madre de gracia
Madre de misericordia
en la vida
y en la muerte
amparanos gran señora…

Protect us, dear Mother,
protect us from our own fears!

How could we have manifested
these needless tears
throughout generations,

Yet we’ve not reached past
our ignorance,
vast confusion.

We are in constant fear
of your wrath…
that you,
Grandious Earth
will swallow us alive!

We’re brain-washed
assuming we’ve damaged you

When to you,
the cuts and bruises
are mere pimples.

We humans are mere
traveling around
your magnificent,
bodacious body!

Dear Mother…
your core is unreachable,

Your skin is rich and fertile
in tan and red tones.

Your hair grows
and grows…
freshly lush,
green and sweet…

I love to taste your hair,
its nutrients I enjoy!

Your blood
ebbs… it flows
through the elements:


! Te adoro
Oh, Madre Tierra!

Tercer planeta
en el Milky Way.

Silky it looks
in the Universe;

sweet it must taste
to demi gods.

You wear
slight cleavage,
voluptuous curves
in your deep valleys
and high mountain ranges.

Whether you ever
feel ill
or really great

your body quivers,
it quakes!

How could we, so microbial
for so long
still assume that
we hurt you?

You can shake us off
like chain-linked ants.
We could cease to exist
and you
not only can,
not only will…

You just have
and will Be!

I write this to you
Mother, dear
because I know

that no chemicals,
no plastics,
no electronics
could ever harm you.

You gave mankind
the materials,
the minerals

to use…
experiment with.

To us in 500 years,
to you in a few days,
everything we manufacture
will return to what it was.

The Hopi know
what you’re all about.
So they just don’t worry.

Can the rest of us
do the same?

You sneezed…
scratched an itch

and it flooded houses,
swiped out
entire cities.

You say… ‘oops!’
God gives us strength.

And still, we do
and worship you

… Por la señal
de la Santa Cruz
de nuestros enemigos
libranos señor nuestro…

Free us
from assuming
so much
about this Earth
we live in.

When we follow
your path

we know what we’re capable of
and can just be.


Chevalterre Nabil, the poetic half of KLRabstracts, was born in El Paso, TX and is a U. S. Navy Veteran.

Valium: Order Now

Valium: VGP Chapbook Anthology no. 1 (August, 2009)
Valium: VGP Chapbook Anthology no. 1 (August, 2009)

     Valium will be released on August 25, 2009. The first publication in the VGP Chapbook Anthology series, this book collects both poetry and prose from several talented writers, including: Carla Arthur, Donna Snyder, Eneida Garcia, Jonathan Penton, Anne McMillen, Marc Olmsted, Chevalterre Nabil, R.L. Burns and Michael Aaron Casares.

Here is an excerpt from the Forward in Valium:

     “The idea for the Virgogray Chapbook Anthology Series is not only to collect various voices among poets writing today into a single publication like a journal or magazine, but to capture their views on specific topics as identified by the anthology theme. In this way a consensus may be formed of an opinion of poets and writers on the topic laid out in the publication. These anthologies cannot be done without the bravery, boldness or assertiveness of writers willing to share their work, no matter what the tone or perspective on the chosen topic. What the Chapbook Anthology Series aims to do is to present the most lucid, fluid and genuine works to the reader. Truly, poetry and writing is one of the most important forms of expressionism as it deals with words, a direct commune between people to share ideas and thoughts, feelings and experiences.

               These goals were undoubtedly met with the release of Valium, the first in the Virgogray Chapbook Anthology Series, and I thank all those who contributed and all those who submitted their work for consideration. On Valium, poets were asked to send in their work on the topic of psychological prescription drugs. What I found in most cases was a resounding struggle between the benefits and the disadvantages of psych-drug usage. Whether poems pertain to direct use, a lack thereof, or under the influence of, what can be certain, at least within the confines of this publication is a general message of discontent concerning the topic of prescribed-psychologicals. That is not to say that all the work maintains a negative tone—far from it, but the message is clear, and I thank the poets who are brave enough to stand up for what they feel in their hearts to be true. “