The VGP Flashback #2


The heart is an organ of fire.

Layers of defenses
peel away, rice
paper shredded
beneath heat metal hands,
lightening glass sparks.
You unearth the hollow beneath my heart,
once constricted.
Make it blossom full-petaled…
A flower fed on tears flames
to life, too intense for restraint.
The edge of your fingers
fillet my skin,
a subtle knife of sighs.
Confessions, revelations evoked
upon this stage, a cross,
the one of earth and matter,
as the alchemists speak.
Escaping earth-bound
rules, you form
of us a torch,
a sculpture
of conjoined flame that
enlightens the universe,
dares binary dying stars
to burn us alive.


“Vulnerable” was written by Gail Gray and originally published in her chapbook Storms at the Edge, released by Virgogray Press in 2010.


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Storms at the Edge by Gail Gray

  Virgogray announces the release of its newest collection, “Storms at the Edge” by Gail Gray. Gail Gray is the founder of Shadow Archer Press, editor of Fissure Magazine and author of several chapbook collections, and a novel, Shaman Circus. The poetry of Gail Gray can best be described as contemporary cauterized with a mystic edge that lucidly delves into realms of myth and fantasy though anchored to realities through the severe connections, emotions and understandings of a world that mystifies the poet sensitive to the true nature of things. “Storms at the Edge” is a testament to this quality. Bound is a gripping poem layered in spiritual/occult themes and a higher understanding of the elusive meaning behind things. With gracious determination, it readies the reader for subsequent poems in the collection. Vulnerable, the second poem, literally peels away the intensity that Bound created, but elegantly so with a gravity all its own. “Storms at the Edge” continues with a sense of longing and a frustration for something (or sometime) higher and purer. There is also a sense of delicacy to this book, as in Foreshadow, with phrases like “delighting in the playground of vulnerability” and “Fragile as sea glass.” Drowning at 3:30 AM was one of my favorites. It is fraught with interesting imagery both whimsical and dark. “Wind dismantles / copper tube chimes / a meticulous / manicure of my psyche ‘ as the shadows spooked to the / other side.” This bipolar lapse of tone and context “play cacophony games / with my past-nightmare / pauses” to a stirring conclusion. Gail Gray’s poems are almost mythic in some instances with themes that recall other times beneath society’s veneer. With “Storms at the Edge,” Gail Gray comes a step closer to perfecting that voice. 21 pages; $7 + S/H.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year

I would like to thank everyone who participated and worked with VGP this past year. Thanks to all those who sent in their work and who continued to have faith in what this press is doing and what we stand for. Virgogray Press began as a mission to give voice not only to the voiceless artist, but those without “scholastic honor” or “marketable favor” and as a result incredible things have happened and we’ve experienced poetry rich with the soul.

This year has seen many steps forward in this manner from the release of solo artist’ work via the chapbook to  the work of several voices as one in our chapbook anthologies; Virgogray Press is proud to share these independent voices with the world of underground literature and independent publishing, and thankful for the opportunity.

Next year we look forward to working with many more poets and artists and publishing many new works from authors establishing themselves among the net fields and beyond. Virgogray Press is also looking forward to expansion beyond the net-world into the physical with publications being available for purchase in locations around Austin, TX and, with luck, globally, too. We look forward to an active role in the writing community.

2010 will also see updates from Over Your Radar Culture Review as well as a continued stream of poetry and literature from Carcinogenic Poetry. Get involved with Virgogray Press. There are several ways to share your art and your voice with the world and Virgogray is simply one way to do that.


In 2010 look for these titles from Virgogray Press:

Dreaming Quick by Brendan Kirk

Mind Static Vol. 1 by Anne McMillen

Mind Static Vol. 2 by Anne McMillen

Storms at the Edge by Gail Gray

Bliss Hangover by Donna Snyder

Mostly Spinach by Joseph Goosey

and many more!

As a way to kick off the new year, VGP will be offering readers a free chapbook when they purchase two chapbooks at regular price! Visit our online store at and type in the title of the chap you’d like for free when you purchase two chaps. This offer is valid January 1, 2010 through January 22, 2010 so stop on by and browse our expanded library and pick up a copy soon!