Carcinogenic Poetry Recap No. 3

Just Like Edgar Allen Poe’s Blues

I found my heart wandering
the streets of Baltimore,

raving unintelligibly,

dressed in someone else’s clothes.
It was coming from a funeral,

or going to one,
and when I failed to ask whose,

it was gone.

But, all these years later,
mere acquaintances

continue to receive letters
begging for $10 for the fare home.


All That Was Lost Is Returned

The TV was broken,
but my father kept turning the dial.

There was something he wanted
to watch that night.

At the kitchen table my mother
was drawing in her eyebrows.

Children I knew from school
lurched down the road

in the front of our house
with suitcases held together by rope.

It wasn’t dark, and then it was,
and the flames swayed

despite the lack of wind.
The poet gestured to me to follow him

over the high railing of the bridge.
I looked around for help.

A woman stood on the corner
with her hip thrust out.

Six years passed in a minute.
Such things are true if you believe them



Howie Good, a journalism professor at the State University of New York at New Paltz, is the author of 11 previous poetry chapbooks, including Still Life with Firearms (2009, Right Hand Pointing), Visiting the Dead (2009, Flutter Press) and My Heart Draws a Rough Map (2009, The Blue Hour Press). He has been nominated three times for a Pushcart Prize and four times for the Best of the Net anthology. His first full-length book of poetry, Lovesick, was released in 2009 by Press Americana.

Originally published in Carcinogenic Poetry on December 5, 2009. 

“The Belated” – Nothing. No One. Nowhere. No. 2 – Now Available – Go Get It

NNN. No. 2 - "The Belated"


After much delay and intrusion, the second issue of Nothing. No One. Nowhere.; that which shall forever be related to as “the belated,” whether in loving tones or otherwise, is available for the viewing public! Yes–you can now lay your eyes and hands on this much though of, sought after sequential to the first Nothing. No One. Nowhere. This issue is jam-packed with poetry, prose and art and reviews. All that is there for you, the loving reader. Work by David S. Pointer, Peter Magliocco, Michael Mc Aloran and Howie Good are included, just to give a clue. An art spread by Michael Mc Aloran is featured alongside this enigmatic writer’s prose. Three selections brought to you in a manner only this Irish artisan of word can. Also Mc Aloran’s abstract paintings grace this collection and the issue’s cover.

All in all, we promise an entertaining issue of Nothing. No One. Nowhere. Here is a note from the issue’s editor, Amelia Hoff:

…the second issue of Nothing. No One. Nowhere. To forever be cheerfully referred to as, “The Belated” I extend my greatest apologies to readers, and especially the writers of this publication. I know the anxieties of patience are nothing when awaiting the promises of accepted publication, which is why, at the behest of our dear and good publisher, I am writing to you now. To be sure, there will be changes here at Nothing. No One. Nowhere., but a good revolution always served the better purpose. To that end, I ask, should your interest still be perked regarding our wayward publication, to stay abreast on guidelines and expectations and we will most assuredly do the same for you. Thank you, again, to each contributor and to you who have taken the time to gaze into our magazine.

Best Regards,
Amelia Hoff

Check out some previews of the issue at or purchase at There are two editions of this publication available. One edition is the full color magazine, the second a black and white edition with all images printed in grayscale. We recommend the color editions to enjoy the full quality of the issue and are publishing at cost, but are happy to provide an alternative as the costs of our economy are the chief consideration of the alternative creation.

Both full color and b/w editions of Nothing. No One. Nowhere. No. 2 are available at now.


Carcinogenic Poetry Accepting Submissions

Carcinogenic Poetry is a brand new poetry blog publishing poems of the absurd, non traditional and new thought writing as well. The truth is to lies like cancer, and with this fact in mind, Carcinogenic strives to bring voices that radiate among the independent and underground lit realm. The work at Carcinogenic Poetry speaks. Already a number of poets and writers have lined up to share their work in a presentation of indiscriminate creativity and truth.


 Some poets who’ve been featured at Carcinogenic Poety:

Peycho Kanev

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Carly Bryson

Holly Jaffe

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There is more  great work to come from Carcinogenic Poetry. If you’d like to share your work, please send an e-mail to michael (dot) aaron (dot) casares (at) gmail (dot) com. You may send up to five poems in the body of your email. Please include a two to three line bio. You may submit previously published work, but you must inform us of where this work has previously appeared. Simultaneous submissions are fine as well, but please let us know immediately when any work in submission has been accepted for publication by another entity. Authors and poets keep all rights to their work, but Virgogray Press & Carcinogenic Poetry reserve the right to archive your work and use in future print editions and/or publications. At Carcinogenic Poetry, we are not concerned with your publishing history or acquired degrees, we just want the stuff you believe in.


Other Publishing Opportunities

Though Virgogray Press is closed to chapbook manuscript submissions for the time being, we are still accepting submissions of work for the above mentioned, Carcinogenic Poetry, and our Virgogray Press Chapbook Anthologies. The VGP Chapbook Anthology Series has a new publication scheduled for release in the first months of 2010 called “America Remember” and is an anthology of poetry about the philosophies and ideas that founded the United States of America. If you have poetry or prose or polemics in this vein, you are welcome to submit your work to Virgogray Press. Those accepted for publication will receive two contributors copies. Unfortunately we cannot offer monetary payment for the publication of author’s work. Work considered for publication in any of the Virgogray Chapbook Anthologies must be previously unpublished and simultaneous submissions are discouraged! The new deadline for “America Remembered” is January 22, 2010 so please send in your work soon!

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