Virgogray Press 2011 and Beyond

The adventure this press has provided into the poetic plethora that is existence has been substantial enough. The privilege of sharing the work of writers from around the world with a wonderful reading public is humbling, indeed. As such, I am grateful to continue for another year sharing the work of writers and artists, creatives all, in their pursuit of expression. Thank you, reader and lover of poetry for supporting this press as it stands to move into new phases and to produce fine art with higher publication quality and a bigger scope. Virgogray Press is proud to be a press read in lands as far as India, Poland, Australia, The Netherlands, Canada, The Czech Republic, Ireland, and, of course, the UK. In our efforts, we have strived to maintain an independent and D.I.Y. type of publication, an illustration of independence and ground-up work. Thus Virgogray produces poetry chapbooks, unregistered with any state or federal book agency. All first edition chapbooks brandish the “V.O.P.” insignia, standing for “voice of the people.” The fact that Virgogray publishes poetry is a tribute to the love for soulful truth as appropriately expressed through the art of verse.

A new era dawns for Virgogray Press. We look forward. Now, here’s some updates:

The Las Vegas Gamble

Virgogray Press authors Chris D’Errico, Peter Magliocco, Marc Olmsted, Suzi Kaplan Omlsted, and I will  be in attendance at the annual Las Vegas Spring Fling Book Fair to be held at the Jewel Box Theater in Las Vegas on March 5, 2011. For more information, please see the sidebar. I am looking forward to meeting the people of Las Vegas and also meet Peter and Chris. It will be great to once again see Suzi & Marc, whom I had the pleasure to hang with whilst in California for the Dear Bela reading last Halloween. Mayhem shall ensue, I’m sure. I will update you immediately should other plans arise, as that is always a possibility.

Justin Blackburn on the Move

Virgogray author, Justin Blackburn has a new series of reading and performances on his plate. Our fellow poet has been traveling all around the great south-east of this country for the past two months and shall continue. For a full list of reading dates be sure to visit his site

February 13. 2011
performing poetry with New Danger at Legends Lounge in Mobile, Alabama

February 18, 2011
performing poetry with Wyld America at Capri on Main in Gaffney, SC.

Nothing. No One. Nowhere. News:

We apologize for the delay in shipping of Nothing. No One. Nowhere. No. 1. Having recently received a revamp in our equipment, we are proud to say we’re back on track and all orders are shipping soon. We are currently taking submissions for issue number two. You are also welcome to check out the website:


We are currently taking submissions for VGP Anthology No. 8: America Remembered Volume 2.  Submissions are now closed for Anthologies 6 & 7. We are also still currently accepting chapbook length publications to include poetry or prose. Visit our submissions page for more details.

Justin Blackburn & Michael Aaron Casares on Sunday Brunch Invasion

Virgogray Press authors, Michael Aaron Casares & Justin Blackburn

Just a brief note to inform: Justin Blackburn and myself will be guests for a segment on the Internet Radio broadcast “Sunday Brunch Invasion W/ Angelheart and Frankie Metro” on Sunday October 17, 2010 at 1:30 PM Eastern Standard Time.  Angelheart was kind enough to invite myself and Justin on to read some poems, yak poetic and perhaps talk a bit about the press. Please tune in if you are interested ( a link is provided below). The show also includes an open mic segment for any writers who would like to share their work. Hope to see you there; don’t forget the mimosa!

Sunday Brunch Invasion – Sunday September 19, 2010 @ 1:30 PM EST