VGP Anthology No. 3: National Poetry Month 2010

Released: April 20, 2010
Edited by Michael Aaron Casares
Pages: 48 total
Cover Art by Michael Mc Aloran
Contributors: Akila Amina, Saroj Gartaula, David S. Pointer, J.J. Steinfeld, Christa Pandey, Kevin Reid, Anna Coakley, Dr. Ehud Sela, John J. Trause, Felino A. Soriano, Kyle Ferguson, Brian K. Ladd, D.L. Rose, Kristina England, Michael Mc Aloran, Glenn D’ Alessio, and Amelia Hoff.

Virgogray is proud to announce the release of its newest chapbook anthology, The National Poetry Month 2010 edition! Several poems have been compiled by poets and writers the world over to bring a fine anthology celebrating National Poetry. Once a year we are given a month to revel in the written word and we’re releasing this anthology as a commemoration of that revelry. The National Poetry Month VGP chapbook anthology contains several fine contributions to the written word from poets, including: Michael McAloran, Kyle Ferguson, Paul Bralower, Dr. Ehud Sela, Christa Pandey, Anna Coakley, Brian K. Ladd, D.L. Rose, Saroj Gartaula, Felino Sorriano, J.J. Steinfeld, Kevin Reid, Kristina England, David S. Pointer, and Glenn D’Alessio. A wonderful addition to the Virgogray library, Virgogray has not released a finer gathering of voices yet, so get your copy today! $10