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Available Now from Virgogray Press

A New Collection of poetry from Michael Aaron Casares

The Vanishing Poet
, poems by Michael Aaron Casares, collects poetry published just prior to the print-on-demand boom, between 2006 and 2010, on the independent circuit via chapbooks, now defunct online literary resources, and either international or limited run publications. Poems gathered in this collection were also previously published in rare, out of print chapbooks: Limbo (Virgogray Press, 2006), Ghost Roads (Virgogray Press, 2008), The Terrorist (Virgogray Press, 2009), and Green Tea America (New Polish Beat Press, 2009). The Vanishing Poet also features previously unpublished poetry that was written during this time period, including poems “Ruins,” “Poem for This Night,” and “This Concerning Neutrality” (a poem not published or printed since its previous publication in 2005’s Sad Height, a collection of poetry written under the assumed name, Jacob Gray).

Those familiar with Michael’s work from this era will get a rush of nostalgia as they re-read timeless poetry now available for an innumerable  audience. The body of poems lay untouched, with exception to grammatical revision, only few poems saw a face lift, poems that still see relevance to this day like “End the Fed” and “Fourth Estate,” poems that address a social-political concern witnessed by the poet and expressed through his art. As with any mercurial art, though the work does see revision, the poet is careful to keep the meaning, the intonation, and the verve the poem originally presented if not augment. This is found to be the case with the classic pensive and socio-analytical piece, “Sad Height,” a poem that has existed in one form or another, first verbally then written, for nearly two decades. The poem that serves well as a ‘sequel’ to “Sad Height,” the heavy and beleaguered  “Dream of Sky,” saw the same, the intention of the poem now at its fullest potential, finite, its best form. The Vanishing Poet finalizes this lost era of writing, one dependent on the resources and kinetic wherewithal of the poet to share and spread the word of one and many, a time before the great cyber and digital rush that has inundated our libraries and mental faculties with a deluge of ideas, memoirs and publications. It was a time of the silent revolution of the small and independent press. It was a part of a last ditch effort to create an organic library of unknown literary masters, and to produce the publications romanticized by the wannabe-beat throwaways of the last millennium; it was a time when one hit the road and instead of daydream, to see people face-to-face and not merely their digital soul.



Title: The Vanishing Poet
Author: Michael Aaron Casares
Release Date: April 21, 2020
Publisher: Virgogray Press
ISBN:  979-8625342827
Pages: 104 pages
Price: 15.00 USD

Edition: Print (Paperback) & Kindle Editions







New Work At Carcinogenic Poetry

Good afternoon, readers.

Carcinogenic Poetry has once again started publishing. Aside from a perennial break in publishing, the website was also offline for a brief period of time. Fortunately, our readers remembered us. And we thank you. An excited effect has begun to resound as we have decided to create a print counterpart to the tenured online blog with the simple addendum. The Carcinogenic Poetry Review is now accepting submissions of poetry and artwork. But, you can see the “Submission Guidelines,” or visit our “Current Publications” tab for more information about that.

New work has begun to roll out of the ol’ factory. The latest releases include work by Richard Murphy and Gerard Sarnat, with poetry to come from artist and novelist, Ivan Jenson and Romanian poet, Marieta Maglas. There’s more to come. Do visit the Carcinogenic Poetry website, subscribe, and enjoy the poetry of the independent poet, the writers of the literary underground worldwide.

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Nothing. No One. Nowhere. Reading Period Closed

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Thanks to everyone who submitted work for Nothing. No One. Nowhere. Vol. 2 No. 1. The reading period is now closed. If your work is accepted for publication you will be notified shortly, and  release date will soon be posted. If you are still interested in publishing opportunities with Virgogray Press, visit our submissions page. Our poetry blog, Carcinogenic Poetry, is always taking submissions. Thanks, and have a good day.