Nothing. No One. Nowhere. Reading Period Closed

Thanks to everyone who submitted work for Nothing. No One. Nowhere. Vol. 2 No. 1. The reading period is now closed. If your work is accepted for publication you will be notified shortly, and  release date will soon be posted. If you are still interested in publishing opportunities with Virgogray Press, visit our submissions page. Our poetry blog, Carcinogenic Poetry, is always taking submissions. Thanks, and have a good day.

Reading Period Opened for Submissions to Nothing. No One. Nowhere.

A new release for Nothing. No One. Nowhere. heralds a call for submissions and an open reading period that began on March 1, 2015. First announced on the press’ social media accounts, Virgogray is seeking submissions of poetry, fiction, articles on poetry, art and related themes, literary reviews, photography and art for the re-launch of Nothing. No One. Nowhere. Submission period will run from March 1st thru April 20th, 2015. Full details are disclosed at the journal’s website The website, which is currently in the process of updating, will soon feature all content from the first volume of Nothing. No One. Nowhere., to include poetry, interviews, art and more. While content on the website is free, if readers are interested in owning a copy of Nothing. No One. Nowhere., issues 2-5 are available at the NNN website. The release date for Nothing. No One. Nowhere. Vol. 2 No. 1 will be announced soon. In the meantime, it appears submissions are already coming in, and I look forward to reading. Take care.

Regarding Previous Submissions to Nothing. No One. Nowhere.

Any work submitted between 2013 and 2015 that was not published in Nothing. No One. Nowhere. #5 should be considered null, and is released from the submission que. Nothing. No One. Nowhere. is still currently not accepting submissions, and has not established a release for the next issue. NNN does not wish to tie up the work of those submitted. Please stay tuned for information regarding future developments with Nothing. No One. Nowhere. I hope this clears up any questions or concerns regarding Nothing. No One. Nowhere. submissions’ status, and thank you for your continued interest.

Nothing. No One. Nowhere. is a literary culture magazine presenting poetry, fiction, art, reviews and more. Nothing. No One. Nowhere. was established is published by Virgogray Press, and was established in 2011.