The Occupy Poetry Project

Good evening. It may have come to the attention of some there has been an occupation of sorts taking place in cities around the United States and the world, now. The late, great news is the occupation– the idea was to Occupy Wall Street, since it is Wall Street who seems to be benefiting from all the financial upheaval and hiccups which have noticeably occurred since 2008– is still happening. There are many messages and demands and even a certain amount of uncertainty in the crowds. We’ve seen democrats and republicans duke it out, we’ve seen unions en masse, we’ve seen occupiers violate the 1st Ammendment by capping free speech, we’ve seen the police violate human rights and our right to gather peacefully. We’ve even seen big names like the Poetry Foundation support the OWS movement and encourage acts of poesy and literacy to abound. The latter getting my attention, I thought to start a poetry blog that could stand out for its forthrightness, as well for its literary quality.

The Occupy Poetry Project is intended to be a forum for people to voice their concerns to those whom we have allowed to govern us through poetry and art. To date we’ve had several poets, writers and people share their work with us and I am very happy for it. As activist poetry is something I align with, I thought it an exceptionable idea. With our publication America Remembered, and our upcoming, Sing Now, America, I thought a periodical and free website would be a nice way to round-off a theme that runs throughout my press’ history. That in itself is how poetry connects us directly to the voice yearning inside us, whether personal or social. This is what causes one to speak. Be it eloquently or not, this is also a reason people are gathered in occupation; to make a point, that they will speak and they will be heard. I also think it a noble cause.

To be certain, what The Occupy Poetry Project represents is the voice of the people, and in so doing is A-political, taking only the side of what is better for humanity. The Occupy Poetry Projectis definitely a beacon for the literary world, trying to shed light to voices in the dark part of the literary, web-world.

If you are a writer and you are interested in sharing your voice, check out the website below, and spread the word…

Breaking–New from Virgogray Press: The Occupy Poetry Project

We are pleased to announce the creation of a new poetry blog entitled, The Occupy Poetry Project. In correlation to the Occupy Wall Street / Occupy the Fed movements, The Occupy Poetry Project seeks to publish lit in this spirit from those present or of like mind. To that end, we encourage all interested to visit the website,, which is now linked on our homepage. The Occupy Poetry Project is A-political, and stands for the rights and freedoms of people, nations, cultures and continents through the platform of poetry, literature and art.