The VGP Flashback #3

Illusion of Art

The sentences come back
as I write them
& resent being erased,
deleted, or changed. They’re ineradicable now,
welded like buckshot remnants
to that invisible page of desire
where the impetus to make art awaits
impatiently, as fingertips strafing Braille
in your unconscious mind
where it’s always 3 a.m.
in Scott Fitzgerald’s soul–but you can’t throw them
or him out into the street
where thoughts enunciate themselves
(with rhetorical flourishing!)
Far from the blank page
on your computer screen
where faint radioactive emanations
persistently grope for
all the imprisoned writers of the world
mentally chained to machines
& inherited obsolete concepts
that should remain unwritten,
unthought, undisturbed,
the way mirage water puddles
on distant roads are
in the sunlight,
before you race towards them
& they disappear.


“Illusion of Art” was written by Peter Magliocco and published by Virgogray Press in his 2010 chapbook, Nude Poetry Garage Sale

A Chris D’Errico Perspective

Chris D'Errico: Poet, Writer, Musician

Chris D’Errico: Poet, Writer, Musician

One thing I always enjoy about my visits to Las Vegas are my visits with poet and writer Chris D’Errico, as well as writer and international man of mystery, the Mag-Man, Peter Magliocco. To be honest, though, Peter, though ever cordial, proves to elude this writer more often than not, but I am remiss not to remark that we real artists have personal lives and secular jobs to attend. Alas, however, my visits with Chris D’Errico are always fun and interesting, if you find literary and political banter entertaining. Imagine a well read, Democratic-sympathizing, philosophical, ultra-realist Nor’Eastern yucking it up with an ultra-idealist, Libertarian-sympathizing, liberal Texan in a dark bar in Las Vegas. The shared appreciation of being able to speak ones opinion with no fear of recompense is always an assuring thing. Exploring various views and perspectives while taking the ride, so to speak, is always encouraged. Still, the man has been much up to things in the meantime.

Readers may recall, Chris D’Errico is author of two, count ’em, two volumes of poetry and poetic lunacy published by this humble little press. The first volume, Vegas Implosions was the landmark publication of Virgogray Press and the key to unlocking the doors to authors far and near. Vegas Implosions brought humurous, witty, and insightful verse revolving around what’s captured in the city of sin.  Minsistry of Kybosh, presented four years later and after a second printing of Vegas Implosions which included the additional text, The Exterminator Chronicles, was a slightly reminiscent, though a much more experimental manuscript. Here we find poetic prose in seeming stream of consciousness across a vast array of topics. The manuscript also includes “Other Poems” which is a selection of traditional free verse with its own dynamic and style.

Vegas Implosions (2011) Second Edition

Vegas Implosions (2011) Second Edition

Ministry of Kybosh (2012)

Ministry of Kybosh (2012)

Still, the apparent randomness does conjure up vivid scenes of thought. Take for example this segment from part one of Ministry of Kybosh: 

Let’s compare doctrines. Punched a clock and proselytized in the break-room, drinking decaf. Talked bullet points. Coarse flurries of inane jabber. Your heart bleeds green, mine blue. Argued inside a cafeteria of white noise, You spiked your tuna with salsa, mine with mac-n-cheese. “Implausibility of permanence, infidelity of peace.” Heads hurt. Agreed. What’s wrong with these sheeple. Everybody on the left get out. Everybody on the right go die. Soul beats money. You little yellow monkey, you silly long-snouted trickster. Hardwired to lie and believe lies. “Big reality in rooms for little ideas.” We read aloud handwritten passages by a dead “poet” whose obscurity tickled our fascination with the underdog: Firm as Ignorant Blood, Nature wants to run Amok. Emblazoned by the Ethereal, Oblivion smiles to fill the Vast Hollow. Savage and Exulted, as always: Power wins. Back to work and answerable to each other with which we must collaborate. The Commission to Investigate Hiring an Outside Agency (CIHOA) decided that sustainability is the new progress, the mundane is the new excellent, exclusivity is a marketplace, entrepreneurship is the new existentialism, and resistance is new-reactionary–so just stop it already.

Just thoughts and writing is what Chris would say. Still, I think there is the underpinnings of some deeper thought intriguing enough for those readers that want to grasp a deeper meaning.  At least, that’s a reason why I like to make it available. You can keep up with Chris D’Errico and what all is going on in his pocket of the universe via his website The site includes links to latest published work, including appearances in Counter Punch and Otoliths, as well as his personal Vegas Implosions Blog where  you will find random type thought entries at the blog on topics like marijuana laws in Nevada, appreciations of Charles Bukowski, information and opinion regarding Monsanto and other interesting tidbits. There is more to come from this eccentric Las Vegas writer, I’m sure, so stay tuned and be sure to pick up a copy of his books, Vegas Implosions and Ministry of Kybosh, both available from Virgogray Press. C’mon, all the cool kids are getting them!

Virgogray Titles Currently Available


After a recent inventory, we thought to share the current list of titles “in-stock” with Virgogray Press.  As you may have noted from our “Chapbooks and Collections” page, most of our stock is currently out of print. We do not have a formal electronic way of purchasing our titles online just yet (except through our printer- see below). So if you are interested in having any of these titles as a member of your collection, please e-mail:


Please note some of these titles are extremely limited. The editions as such will be out of print once they are sold out. Our newest titles are available online for purchase from our printer, Visit our online bookstore to view the current catalog. Virgogray Books.


1. Vegas Implosions by Chris D’Errico (2nd edition)
2. By the Banks of the Ajoy, Jaideb Vanishes into the Blue by Subhankar Das
3. Carcinogenic Poetry Anthology Vol. 1
4. NO FEAR by Doctori Sadisco
5. Limbo by Michael Aaron Casares (2nd edition)
6. Sad Height by Jacob Gray
7. Nothing. No One. Nowhere. No. 2
8. The Terrorist by Michael Aaron Casares
9. Dear Bela Poetry Anthology
10. VGP National Petry Month Anthology
11. Institutional Wallet by Suzi Kaplan Olmsted
12. Fresh Lotus Rehab by Marc Olmsted
13. In the Broken Things by Gillian Prew