Video: Marc Olmsted @ Quiet Lightning

The following is Marc Olmsted reading his poem “Hong Kong Bardo” as part of Quiet Lightning, a summer reading series at the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers on September 5, 2011. The video is by Evan Karp. More information can be found at


Send Your Poems For National Poetry Month Anthology

Virgogray will release an anthology celebrating National Poetry Month in April. Send in your poetry if you’d like it to appear. We are looking for poems previously unpublished. We may accept simultaneous subs, but please inform us if necessary. Send 2 to 5 poems and be sure to check the “Submissions” tab for details. There are other opportunities on that page. The anthology’s release date is April 20, 2010 and has no particular theme, so just send your best. We will most likely close submissions at the beginning of April. Thanks…