Virgogray Press Seeks Poetry for New Print Anthology

Good afternoon, poets and writers.

Virgogray Press is now looking for poetry for a new print anthology featuring the poets of the great state of Texas. Virgogray Press has long called Texas home, proudly publishing out of central Texas, specifically Austin and its roots stretching down the I-35 corridor. To celebrate its state of origin, we are now looking for work produced specifically from poets and writers living in Texas.

Texas is a diverse state, and as such has a diverse community of writers. As a participant, and in some cases a facilitator, of  public events (see The Austin Salon Poetic, a poetry reading that transpired in downtown Austin proper for a period of three years or so), we know first hand poets range from traditional, to spoken word, to slam style writing with topics from pastoral to political, science fiction to erotic—all sides of the poetic spectrum are welcome. With this in mind, we’d like poets to submit any style and topic of work they feel best represents who they are as a writer. The only catch is the writer must currently reside in the state of Texas. We are looking for quality, so send your best work.

We do not have a release date set, though a safe bet is we’re looking around March 2018. The anthology is yet to be titled. We will release more detail in the coming weeks, but here is submission information for those interested.


General Guidelines for the Texas Poetry Anthology

  • Send a minimum of 5 poems and a maximum of 8 poems.
  • No simultaneous submissions.
  • No previously published work will be accepted
  • Send 50 word bio.
  • Send mailing address and contact info.
  • ATTACH poems w/name and address in (.DOC) file.
  • Mark subject line: Texas Poetry / (last name)
  • Poet must currently reside in the state of Texas, USA.
  • Email to: virgograypress (at) gmail (dot) com


All poets whose work is accepted for publication will receive a copy of the anthology, and will be able to acquire more copies at a discounted rate, as well as receive the VGP Authors’ Discount which may be used to purchase any other title in our catalog.

Our reading period formally opens on October 2nd, 2017, but if you are reading this blog post, you are more than welcome to send now.

We look forward to reading all the great work from our neighbors and family in the great state of Texas! Have a great week.



The VGP Flashback No. 1


He was nineteen
dying in a field
in a foreign land.
That was all he knew.
He wasn’t feeling brave
but only afraid
as he felt the life
slipping out of him.

He didn’t know who was right
or who was wrong
as they argued about it
in the grocery stores
in the newspapers
at the filling stations
and he lay dying
in this field of green.

He didn’t feel as if it were an honor to die
he didn’t feel dignified
or proud,
just scared,
a boy longing for home.

He didn’t know anything now
just the pain;
he wasn’t thinking about bleeding-heart liberals
or staunch conservatives
only about all the things he wouldn’t see
he wouldn’t do in his life
now that it would all be over so soon.


“Nineteen” was written by Mitchell Waldman and appeared in the Virgogray Press chapbook anthology, America Remembered (2011).

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Sing Now, America! New VGP Anthology



Virgogray Press presents a new poetry anthology that proudly sings America! A conglomeration of verse compiled in honor of  the U.S.A., Sing Now, America includes verse that reminds of rights guaranteed, remembers our soldiers and veterans, takes pride in what was the symbol of freedom, prosperity and dignity. More than just the symbol of freedom and equality for all, the United States of America was created by an enlightened document that is a road map for the world to secure life, liberty and happiness for a free and equal man. Sing now, America, of the freedom and glory we once held. We are happy to present a poetic reference to a patriotic theme. Mark Lecuona, Linda Reid, James Piatt, Durrell Thompson, Bill Bergeron, Amy L. George, Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti, David S. Pointer, Sharon Alsop, Sarah Mack, Debbie Bongiovanni, Durrell Thompson.  36 pages.