Post Beat Surrealism Emboldened to New Heights

Broke Nuptial Minds by A.J. Kaufmann

Broke Nuptial Minds by A.J. Kaufmann


I am happy to announce the release of Broke Nuptial Minds, a brand spankin’ new chapbook from Polish poet & lyricist, A.J. Kaufmann. This is the latest release from this prolific young writer who has captured the minds of readers abroad and in America. Mr. Kaufmann has become well read among the independent literary scene and among several Internet poetry community sites. His prolific nature and post-beat cadence is appealing to almost any ear. Broke Nuptial Minds collects some of Mr. Kaufmann’s writing that is accented for its poetic tones and structures. This book breaks away from some of the writer’s more lyric pursuits, but still captures the music of words in writing. This is a rhythmic and fluid breath of strong poems that are sometimes unrelenting and powerful and other times quiet and subtle. Broke Nuptial Minds is some of A.J. Kaufmann’s best poems to date.

The first piece, the title piece, is an introduction, an invitation to a world of gritty forgotten magic and fragmentary visions displaced into stanzas, to a journey through mystic truth. The books second poem,  Ghosts of the Miners I is no less breathtaking, a battle cry of strength that envisions some of the work to come. Kaufmann shamanistically summons a requiem prayer , “we, who come on patchy wings / of hyenas / piranha sailors on dead feet / like sculptures /  “We, the narcissistic haters of / nihilistic manners / ambassadors of well mannered old-fashioned / word riddlers / book swallowers, sword shapers / albino deconstructors / we, the sunlight over Monte Albon / in a greener kind of blue /.”

Broke Nuptial Minds captures the subtle music and hidden rhythms of quiet beat poetry. The intense inflections and images juxtaposed and proffered invoke a tone of severity and power behind each word. Deliberate.  Yet  Kaufmann manages to cater to all dimensions with snapshot peculiarity. In Whistling Workers he touches Urban themes but skews them surrealisticallly,

“Careless whistling of construction worker’s / blues / sweat bricks / odors of fly meat / seared by hotter equatorial explosions / black jeans burn / white cap stutters / TNT evolves / ”

The poem itself seems to be an observation of man’s role in the world, a reconciliation with man’s impulsive need to build. The poem Merde follows these themes, keeping in question man’s relationship with itself and the planet ,

” that’s what we’ve come to / after thousands of years/ of mindblock / corrosively wondrous / as this global value of art / becomes more and more dreary / Leary / mumbo-jumbos / despite all these / utopian new villages / charms / & freedoms / ”

Hear the Road is an ode to the freedom acquired on an open journey, an open road, a path made by choice by the lucid wanderer. This poem like many others in this collection capture the nostalgia present in the poetic tone, transposed to an avante-garde literature that’s essence is a tribute to the heroes of this trodden path. Broke Nuptial Minds will be available on September 22, 2009 from Virgogray Press. It is over 30 pages of some of A.J. Kaufmann’s most dynamic work.