Virgogray Titles Currently Available


After a recent inventory, we thought to share the current list of titles “in-stock” with Virgogray Press.  As you may have noted from our “Chapbooks and Collections” page, most of our stock is currently out of print. We do not have a formal electronic way of purchasing our titles online just yet (except through our printer- see below). So if you are interested in having any of these titles as a member of your collection, please e-mail:


Please note some of these titles are extremely limited. The editions as such will be out of print once they are sold out. Our newest titles are available online for purchase from our printer, Visit our online bookstore to view the current catalog. Virgogray Books.


1. Vegas Implosions by Chris D’Errico (2nd edition)
2. By the Banks of the Ajoy, Jaideb Vanishes into the Blue by Subhankar Das
3. Carcinogenic Poetry Anthology Vol. 1
4. NO FEAR by Doctori Sadisco
5. Limbo by Michael Aaron Casares (2nd edition)
6. Sad Height by Jacob Gray
7. Nothing. No One. Nowhere. No. 2
8. The Terrorist by Michael Aaron Casares
9. Dear Bela Poetry Anthology
10. VGP National Petry Month Anthology
11. Institutional Wallet by Suzi Kaplan Olmsted
12. Fresh Lotus Rehab by Marc Olmsted
13. In the Broken Things by Gillian Prew

Coiled and Swallowed by Sara Crawford

Coiled and Swallowed by Sara Crawford


Though Coiled and Swallowed by Sara Crawford begins with a poem anxious and questioning in “Spinning,” readers will find this collection of poetry by Sara Crawford to be honest and even light-hearted, a contrast represented dutifully by the second poem in the book, “Ode to Carpet.” As the book progresses we begin to see the personal and personable experiences whether in regards to love or excesses, adorations or musings; these poems seem to be questions and answers within themselves. In poems like “Flask” or “Green,” readers experience the revelry of youth, access to emotions and feelings as well as the vices of life. Consider the poem “Flask:” “Wednesday was raspberry rum”…”Tuesday was hard cider”…”Wednesday was screwdrivers”…”Thursday was whiskey”…Friday was margaritas”…”Saturday was shots of jagermeister”…”Todays is Sunday. / I’m drinking black coffee, / waiting for you to come out of the bathroom / of this freezing all-night diner. / I wait… / and wait… / and wait… / for you. / But I don’t think you’re coming out this time. / I don’t think you’re coming back . / And my flask is empty.” “Green” exhibits a similar quality, ” The traffic light tells me to move forward / and I’m still choking on this herbal haze / trying to forget the shade your eyes turned / when you saw her. / I stumble out of the car onto tiny blades of grass, / the pine trees look so vibrant in contrast with the sky. / Grasshoppers dance around me and I almost forget / the picture of your lips on hers. ” The beauty of these works, though seemingly heavy, are contrasted in the body of work by poems that reveal the strength of character. Poems like “Music” and “Music Theory” display the writers affinity with audible arts, singing and music making, by drawing on the inspirations of her experience. “Music Theory,” for example, weaves personal experience with music and musicians to a point of seemingly ekphrastic type writing that lauds or reacts to the inspiration as reacts or addresses the point at hand. Of course there are totally light-hearted poems, as “For Frank” which is actually as cute as the kitten it is written for and poems representing absent beauty like “Sunrise.” Personal faves of mine were “The Novelist” about the determination of a writer, that I found quite honorable, and “Dreaming,” a poem endearing to the questions of life and living. All in all, Coiled in Swallowed is a collection of poetry open to all readers, a snapshot of life through the eyes of one Atlanta, Georgia singer/songwriter/playwright/poet (not in that particular order), a vital and well-founded beginning to a promising and proactive vision. 39 pages. $7.

Fall UpDates…

 Greetings everyone in the world who can read this! Just a few updates for the fall. Things have been very busy here at Virgogray, but a good busy. With releases from great poets and writers like Peter Magliocco, Joseph Goosey and Kevin Brown and two new anthologies, the summer has proven to be quite fruitful. Often I found myself working by the hair of my chin, and even had a printer crisis to avert, but still the Virgogray library expands as does its catalogue of writers. Most importantly are the poems (with no offense to the writers!). Each individual gem, from the collected chapbooks, to the anthologies, to those found in Carcinogenic Poetry, which by the way celebrated its 100th entry yesterday, has given life to a meaningful literary canon that has only just begun. Looking forward to the fall, there are many great things in store. But I shall not simply leave it at that. We have new collections from Sara Crawford and Felino Soriano coming just around the corner. These two power houses of creativity are both, respectively, talented and prolific. It is a great honor to share their work with the readers of the world.  Sara Crawford’s release, Coiled and Swallowed is a collection of personable and dainty poetics hinted by the curveballs of realism and practicality.  These poems weave together almost seamlessly from a young writer who has a burgeoning voice that is altogether recognizable with a touch of Southern charm. With a clear love of music, this is a collection I think many will be able to appreciate, from the young and inspired to the traveled and wise. Be sure to check this one out–it’s available September 7, 2010. 

Sara Crawford


You can also check Sara live. She will be doing a reading for Coiled and Swallowed next month, more details soon. Till then you can catch her music act and visit her at

You can catch her live, in person, at music events in Atlanta, Georgia.  Sunday, August 22 at 10:00 pm at Be Atlanta’s Acoustic Sundays Be Atlanta House Party: 197 Howell Dr. SE, Atlanta, GA. Admission is FREE.  Also Friday, September 3 at 9:00 pm. Sara Crawford and the Cult Following  will be playing at Smith’s Olde Bar: 1578 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta, Georgia 30307. Coiled and Swallowed is out September 7th, 2010. 

I am also proud to be releasing a collection by Felino A. Soriano, whose ekphrastic series “Painters’ Exhalations”, is undoubtedly an asset to the literary and visual art world. We will help continue this mammoth undertaking with the release Faculties of Interrelated Understanding. “Painters’ Exhalations” is series of poetry based on paintings.  The series thus far includes over 600 poems. Look for Faculties of Interrelated Understanding by Felino A. Soriano on September 14, 2010. 

Finally, we will have new releases by Michael Mc Aloran, Doctori Sadisco and a brand new anthology edited by Marc Olmsted and Carlye Archibeque entitled Dear Bela. As the publishing year closes for 2010, Virgogray is looking forward to more live occurrences and readings from Virgogray authors and those who’ve participated in our various publications. We are also looking forward to expanding with more auditory and visual projects, more details as they become finite, as well as the addition of prose and short story chapbook submissions opening soon. We will be open to entertaining new ideas in chapbook publication and are looking forward to adding to the Virgogray team. There are a few more possible surprises before the end of the year; come on back  follow along!