Virgogray Press Seeks Poetry for New Print Anthology

Good afternoon, poets and writers.

Virgogray Press is now looking for poetry for a new print anthology featuring the poets of the great state of Texas. Virgogray Press has long called Texas home, proudly publishing out of central Texas, specifically Austin and its roots stretching down the I-35 corridor. To celebrate its state of origin, we are now looking for work produced specifically from poets and writers living in Texas.

Texas is a diverse state, and as such has a diverse community of writers. As a participant, and in some cases a facilitator, of  public events (see The Austin Salon Poetic, a poetry reading that transpired in downtown Austin proper for a period of three years or so), we know first hand poets range from traditional, to spoken word, to slam style writing with topics from pastoral to political, science fiction to erotic—all sides of the poetic spectrum are welcome. With this in mind, we’d like poets to submit any style and topic of work they feel best represents who they are as a writer. The only catch is the writer must currently reside in the state of Texas. We are looking for quality, so send your best work.

We do not have a release date set, though a safe bet is we’re looking around March 2018. The anthology is yet to be titled. We will release more detail in the coming weeks, but here is submission information for those interested.


General Guidelines for the Texas Poetry Anthology

  • Send a minimum of 5 poems and a maximum of 8 poems.
  • No simultaneous submissions.
  • No previously published work will be accepted
  • Send 50 word bio.
  • Send mailing address and contact info.
  • ATTACH poems w/name and address in (.DOC) file.
  • Mark subject line: Texas Poetry / (last name)
  • Poet must currently reside in the state of Texas, USA.
  • Email to: virgograypress (at) gmail (dot) com


All poets whose work is accepted for publication will receive a copy of the anthology, and will be able to acquire more copies at a discounted rate, as well as receive the VGP Authors’ Discount which may be used to purchase any other title in our catalog.

Our reading period formally opens on October 2nd, 2017, but if you are reading this blog post, you are more than welcome to send now.

We look forward to reading all the great work from our neighbors and family in the great state of Texas! Have a great week.



Submit Your Poems to Carcinogenic Poetry

Virgogray Press’ flagship poetry journal, the blog Carcinogenic Poetry, is currently open to submissions. After a brief hiatus, the poetry blog went back online in July of this year. Since releasing new and previously published works of poets of the literary underground, CP has shared works from writers such as: Caitlan Johnson, Peter Marra, Neil Ellman, Stefanie Bennett, P. W. Covington, and Marianne Szlyk. CP has also had the privilege of recently sharing the work of poets we’ve published poetry collections: David S. Pointer, A.J. Kaufmann, Subhankar Das, Donna J. Snyder, and Felino Soriano (among these David S. Pointer’s, Sinister Splashplay, and Subhankar Das’, By the Banks of the Ajoy, Jaideb Vanishes into the Blue, are still available for purchase).

Carcinogenic Poetry publishes on a rolling cycle, and may publish multiple times per week. If you are a poet looking for a venue to share your work, you are more than welcome to submit. Poetry is published on the net and annually anthologizes in print (we are currently working to release volumes 3 and 4). Contributors receive an electronic version of the anthology. We are unable to offer monetary compensation at this time, but can offer a wide audience that is returning to the journal in droves.

Here are the “rules of contribution” straight from the Carcinogenic Poetry website, or you can visit at, and get a taste of the type of verse we are publishing at this time


Carcinogenic Poetry Mission Statement

Carcinogenic Poetry accepts a variety of types and styles of poetry. CP endeavors to present as many voices from the literary independent and underground, both new and established. Carcinogenic Poetry is not a poetry blog about cancer, but rather takes the stance, ‘the truth is to lies like cancer;’ that is to say, poetry that rings with the truth of a poet sheds light on the darkness of the soul. Sometimes that truth is beautiful; sometimes that truth is bleak. The aim of Carcinogenic Poetry is to capture the full-range of tones by which these truths are delivered.

When Submitting to Carcinogenic Poetry

1) Writers may send 1-3 poems (max 70 lines).
2) No simultaneous submissions are accepted.
3) Previously published poems are accepted, but must be accompanied with acknowledgment of previous publication and cannot be previously published within a calendar year of submission to Carcinogenic Poetry.
4) A brief biography in the 3rd person should accompany submission (max 4 lines).
5) Carcinogenic Poetry only accepts electronic submissions. Please send to michael(.)aaron(.)casares (at) gmail (.)com.
6) Place this in your subject box: Carcinogenic Poetry / (Last Name).
7) Writers may submit work up to four times per year (once per quarter, or once every three months).

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in non-publication.
Writers will be notified of their submission status within 4-5 weeks.


By sending your writing/work/poetry to Carcinogenic Poetry you are giving CP, and its editor, the right to publish your work online and in a subsequent print anthology. Writers also give Carcinogenic Poetry the right to archive published writing/work/poetry indefinitely. Carcinogenic Poetry also reserves the right to use published work in subsequent advertising or marketing campaigns with the use of writing/work/poetry in portion or in full along with the name of the author of the work. Writers will always be acknowledged for their work. Carcinogenic Poetry reserves the right to refuse publication. Writers/poets maintain all rights to their work.

Carcinogenic Poetry, at this time, does not compensate poets/writers monetarily. Those whose work is submitted and published will receive an electronic copy of the anthology in which their writing/work/poetry appears.


If you are interested in picking up a copy of Carcinogenic Poetry Anthology 1 and 2, we have those available through our bookseller. Be sure to check it out by clicking on the images below. In the meantime, we look forward to reading from you. Thanks.

Carcinognic Poetry Anthology: 2009-10
Carcinogenic Poetry Anthology: 2009-10
Carcinogenic Poetry Anthology: 2011
Carcinogenic Poetry Anthology: 2011

Updates: Patriotic Poetry

We have received several submissions for our patriotic poetry anthology. However, less than half will see publication.

We appreciate those who have diligently submitted their work for consideration, but we are somewhat disillusioned by writer’s ideas of patriotic poetry. We are NOT looking for abstract poetry. We are not looking for damning poetry. We are not looking specifically for war poetry. We are looking for writing bold in its love for country and the philosophy that founded this country.

In light of corporate media and the government’s control of education and dissemination of information, quite frankly we do not blame the writers for submitting. A lack of understanding can only be expected when no food is taught or given to sustain this type of idea. To be frank, the political landscape has been illusory and a show for many decades in this country. While we prefer not to get into political biases or speak of such things on our website, as this is a political-type anthology, we will delve into that realm, if not for the benefit of our readers and those who wish to publish with Virgogray Press.

We are looking for all types of poetry created with a patriotic twist/focus/theme. We are not just looking for poems about America or the United States Constitution, but poems that exemplify the American spirit, what it means to be American, or the philosophy surrounding the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

We understand, especially having opened submissions for this theme in the past, that patriotic poetry, or verse espousing your love of country or said country’s ideals is as dead as Walt Whitman, but we encourage those writers who may have never had an inkling of patriotic poetry bubbling in their soul to give it a try, or to challenge themselves. With as much action going on in the political circus that is the presidential elections, we have no doubt that there is plenty to glean from or be inspired by—so go flip on that alternative media (and flip off the lame-stream media) and find out what’s going on; look up the works and lives of Ben Franklin or Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson or Thomas Paine or Ron Paul (we are aware these individuals may have had imperfections like the rest of us, so let’s try not to focus on that), and see if the message of liberty and freedom doesn’t water the roots of your creativity. We’re throwing you some bones here, and we hope you pick them up.

The title of the upcoming patriotic poetry anthology is Sing Now, America (perhaps this will inspire). So sing—NOW, America—the world is waiting to hear you.