The VGP Literate No. 2

Writer’s Block Explained

It’s when you stare
at an empty white page
and can’t.

Can’t think of anything to say.

Can think of things to say,
but worry that millions of others
have already said them
in more profound and articulate ways.

Can think of things to say,
but fearful of criticism
once those things have been said.

And, finally,
think of someone else’s statement
about writing being an activity
where you stare at the page
until drops of blood emerge.

Fearful of bleeding too much,
the decision is made to stop writing
until the moment
when writing is mandatory–
no matter what the ultimate verdict may be.


Terry McCarty has been writing poetry in, around and sometimes about Southern California since 1997. Recent chapbooks include IMPERFECTIONIST (Meridien PressWorks) and I SAW IT ON TV (Lummox Press). Terry is included in these anthologies: SO LUMINOUS THE WILDFLOWERS (Tebot Bach) and THE LONG WAY HOME: THE BEST OF THE LITTLE RED BOOK SERIES 1998-2008 (Lummox Press)