2009 Virgogray Press Pushcart Prize Nominees

The Pushcart nominations are a wonderful way to congratulate and thank the writers contributing to Virgogray and also a wonderful way to support the writing community because I believe the small press, the independent, like other independent types of business, is worth consideration, and I thought the pieces I selected could contribute to that.

 The task of choosing really wasn’t easy. I was looking for poems that had more than a few memorable lines, but really stuck out as a whole and resonated in a clarity that could generally be digested. That was the initial method. But then, with so much writing and poetry, I chose to take the most unique in either content or style, or both. They had to say something, as well. The clarity and the message were important. They had to speak, fluidly, and I believe that is what these pieces have done.

Virgogray Press is proud to announce its nominees for the 2009 Pushcart Prize. The Pushcart Prize, for those who may not know, is a prestigious award given to authors, poets & writers in the field of small press publishing. Nominees are selected and submitted at the end of the year and those chosen for the award appear in the subsequent year’s anthology. Welcoming both traditional and experimental writing, a selection has been made from our catalogue of some of the best work that has come across the desk at Virgogray Press. Please give a hand in congratulating the writers selected for nomination this year and wish them luck!


2009 Virgogray Press Pushcart Prize Nominations:

1. “Things I Cannot Write About, Even if They are True” by Suzi Kaplan Olmsted from her book, Institutional Wallet

2. “Hell with a Metal Door” by Donna Snyder from VGP Anthology, Valium

3. “Colostomy” by Elzy Cogswell from VGP Anthology, So it Goes

4. “Planned Suicide Note” by Anne McMillen from VGP Anthology, Valium


Again, congratulations to these writers and have a happy Thanksgiving.

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