Brendan Kirk: Dreaming Quick

men with faces of stiletto
shaded voices
long pony-tail
who at poetry workshops
tell old ladies how to make poems better

i do not understand that t.s. elliot poem
sorry mother I may have to disappear for a while

my mind is wet
and to write it hurts
-Observations Written Today

Dreaming Quick is an exhalation of keenly observant, profoundly written script. With a slight attachment to sketch, Brendan Kirk offers readers a glance of insightful youth as experienced moments, fleeting scenes, day trips and thoughtful excursions. The poetry of Dreaming Quick tenaciously calls for truth, though says it through the subtlety of nature or acquisitive interactions. While there is no denying a need for truth, the wonder of curiosity plays on the curves of Kirk’s words as well as a sense of knowledge behind man’s blind perception. Dreaming Quick is a brief wisp of the profound and luminous.

Cover Art: Joshua Ellis

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