Anne McMillen: Mind Static Volume 1

options now:
sell kidneys to grad students
who can’t pay tuition,
just like i can’t
go back to safety in college cocoon.
run off to texas,
can’t find work here
too addicted
to escape affliction.
onward to california
the rest
of the “i’ll be part of the next big thing” brand of
douche bags are there
aren’t they?
illegally immigrating to canada,
do you think if i tell them,
i’m an american radical
they’d be more liberal
in their criteria for legal registration?
i’ll probably end up staying here,
kept warm by others charity,
in the arctic life of psychological isolation,
having pushed everything else away
but my own adaptation of a “writers”

-Where is My Destiny When I Need it

Mind Static is a phenomenal, brutal and honest analysis of the life and times of Anne McMillen. It’s gritty, it’s shocking, and hard to put down. The first in a series of three chapbooks, Mind Static grabs daily life by the head and sends it through a grinder where everything meshes into chaos, confusion, contemplation of sordid images and poetic narratives spoken plainly in easy to understand and cutting language. From childhood on, this first volume examines the earliest years through the development of free thought and independence. Inserts of wit and mental coital interruption make for a blood thirsty read into the savage landscape that Anne McMillen gives readers in her seminal collection Mind Static!

Cover Art: Michael Aaron Casares


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