Interviews with Suzi Kaplan Olmsted & A.J. Kaufmann

Virgogray Press authors Suzi Kaplan Olmsted and A.J. Kaufmann were both individually featured in respective interviews.
Suzi Kaplan Olmsted

Suzi Kaplan Olmsted, author of “Institutional Wallet,”who has been published  in such publications as The Sun, Blue Satellite, 51%, F.T.S, Big Scream,, M.A.G., Lummox Journal, and Napalm Health Spa appeared on November 1, 2009 on the Moe Green Poetry Discussion and spoke with Rafael F.J. Alvarado about writing, “Institutional Wallet,”  poetry on the West Coast and read from the book as well as a few new poems. 

The Moe Green Poetry Discussion
w/ Rafael F.J. Alvarado  11/01/2009 

A.J. Kaufmann

A.J. Kaufmann, founder of New Polish Beat, editor of Eviscerator Heaven, and author of Broke Nuptial Minds was featured last month on FlexWriters Magazine. A.J. rips into Plath, discusses poetry scenes and delves into his writing style. Be sure to check out these interviews. Order their books at  (paypal). For money orders just email me.  





FlexWriters Magazine
February 2010