Important Updates

Due to unforseen occurrences, Virgogray Press will begin the process of minimizing publication output. The decision was made after consideration of circumstances regarding the nature of our position at this time. With that, we apologize for any delay in correspondence, publication update and submission update.

Here is what this update means:

We plan to release GIllian Prew’s “In the Broken Things” on May 30, 2011. This will effectively be the final chapbook we will publish for the forseeable to time.

We do plan to release other publications in the future. with new collections by Peter Marti, Justin Blackburn, Suzi Kaplan Olmsted, Chris D’Errico and more.

We will not be accepting any manuscript or chapbook submissions for the forseeable future. Please do not inquire or send. (If you sent a manuscript submission prior to March 13, 2011, your manuscript is still under consideration for publication. We will contact you no later than Septermber 30, 2011.)

It is with the most heartfelt apologies that we will not be producing the Virgogray Press Chapbook Anthology Series. This decision was reached after careful consideration. We had a spirited run, and may print anthologies in the future, but at this time have elected to not pursue. We regretfully release the dozens of submissions by the myriads of poets and writers who sent us their work (This includes VGP Chapbook Anthologies #6 – #9 . Please accept our apologies and our sincerest gratitude for your time with our project. Indeed, we also thank everyone who has been involved in the process. As of this writing all submissions guidelines are null and all submissions are hereby released to their authors’ discretion.

Nothing. No One Nowhere. is hereby cancele.d in print.. Issue one and two are still rolling out and will be available for purchase. Beginning with issue No. 3, Nothing. No One Nowhere. will become a web entity and hub for literary and artistic review. Please bear with us as we work our way into this process.  Please visit the Nothing. No One. Nowhere website for more details (link in the sidebar to the right).

Carcinogenic Poetry shall carry on as is. Subscribers may have noticed a lag in publication, and we apologize, but Carcinogenic Poetry is still accepting submission and publishing poetry. Thank you for your continued support.

Because of the scope of this announcement and the amount of submission we receive, it was decided it would be best to release a news update on our website. If you have submitted a manuscript or to any of our publications, expect a message soon, and thank you for your patience.  Again, thanks for your continued support of Virgogray Press and the poets we publish. We’ve been on the move for over six years now and shall continue to march as long as we can, but for the moment being it seems to be a wiser decision to buckle down. Please stay with us and do expect contact soon. Thank you.

Michael Aaron Casares
Publisher, Virgogray Press

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