The VGP Literate No. 5

Final Goodbyes 1212

Existence is only relative
In a far off galaxy, in an ocean beneath a sheath
of ice, on a planet that circles twin suns,
Vanity Fair’s latest Gaga has no relation
to whatever life may be thriving and teeming.
An example hounded by the crossing light
that shrouds in the darkness as the eyes watch
and the lips instigate. Sitting still in the darkness,
casting light while stepping out of the garden
into the quagmire of opulent life investigated
in front of plasma-screens  on warm seated Lay Z Boys,
watching the latest in reality, so we may know what
reality is, a beer, a pill, some sort of distortion–
whether recognized or not. Connect or disconnect,
written in the future, conversely written in the past-
this poem loops onto itself, a self-discretion,
a distant memory perhaps not to be remembered,
the world wind blowing fast passed the shining
feet of clay.

Michael Aaron Casares is a poet and publisher from Austin, TX

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