Current Projects: VGP and VGP Books

Good evening. Many activities have surrounded me as of late and have kept me equally busy. From Carcinogenic to our publishing schedule at Virgogray which will include four new collections and the new issue of Nothing. No One. Nowhere., to booking readings for the spring and early summer, I am quite busy. I was able to create some new web promotionals for the latest collections, the second generation of Virgogray Press publications. We’ll soon be getting our online store up and running, though please note, not all of our titles are in print anymore. Most of the first generation chapbooks are now out of print, and the remaining are in limited quantities. You should check the publications list at Virgogray Press for full detail. In the meantime, I can say we do have these titles in stock for sure at Virgogray Books:

1. Vegas Implosions by Chris D’Errico
2. By the Banks of the Ajoy, Jaideb Vanishes into the Blue by Subhankar Das
3. Carcinogenic Poetry Anthology Vol. 1
4. This Reality of Man by Michael Aaron Casares (Lizard’s Tale Press)
5. The Stark Electric Space: An International Anthology of Indie Writers (Graffiti Kolkata)
6. NO FEAR by Doctori Sadisco
7. Limbo by Michael Aaron Casares
8. Sad Height by Jacob Gray
9. Nothing. No One. Nowhere. No. 2
10. Nude Poetry Garage Sale by Peter Magliocco
11. The Terrorist by Michael Aaron Casares
12. Dear Bela Poetry Anthology
13. VGP National Petry Month Anthology
14. Institutional Wallet by Suzi Kaplan Olmsted
15. Fresh Lotus Rehab by Marc Olmsted

We will soon have in stock:

1.In the Broken Things by Gillian Prew
2. War Hammer Piano Bar by David S. Pointer (Thunderclap Press)
3. Carcinogenic Poetry Anthology Vol. 2

Current Virgogray Press titles are always available at our printers This is what is in stock for Virgogray Books, an online and traveling bookshop for which I am currently compiling an inventory. If you see me in person or out at the poetry readings here in Austin and are interested in purchasing a copy do not be afraid to come up and ask. I will gladly be service as all monies go back into the press and shop and help me get more books to share. As you may or may not know, Virgogray is using new POD technology to publish and warehouse, so our first generation chapbooks will not be available once they are sold out. In the future we may re-release second editions of specific VGP titles, as in Vegas Implosions by Chris D’Errico. In the meantime, I am wrapping up Nothing. No One. Nowhere. No. 3 which shall feature an art spread and interview with artist Justin Jackley, as well as much great poetry other literary modes. Most enjoyable for me regarding a publication like NNN is its ability to go in any direction. Look for a jam packed issue.

As always, we are reading submissions for Carcinogenic Poetry, Nothing. No One. Nowhere. and The Occupy Poetry Project. The Occupy Poetry Project has begun to slow down, we shall see what comes of the project. I hope best writing and reading to all concerned. Take care.

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