Website Updates

Good evening, readers and visitors. I hope this entry finds you well. As you may have noticed as of April 2013 there were many changes to the appearance and feel of the Virgogray Press website. I hope visitors who frequent are as pleased as I. The main things I wanted to accomplish with this website overhaul is 1) more attention to the publications, 2) more information regarding our writers and 3) easier navigation. I think I’ve accomplished most with this template I’m using, which I really do like. I am definitely growing the site into it. There are several features that I am excited to mention about with the new overhaul. For one, we’ve added information on all titles currently available from Virgogray Press. By hovering over the “Publications” tab, the “Collections” sub-tab will appear and drop down links to read info on Virgogray poetry collections. The collections consist of NO FEAR by Doctori Sadisco through our latest release, Beneath our Feet by Mary Harrison. An included feature: if visitors are interested in purchasing the collection, they only have to click the picture to be taken to a transaction page. The same can be said of the new release graphics on the side bar. Another feature is the authors’ page which has now been separated into two pages. I’ve updated the page and added links to author websites so fans and readers may pursue further information. I am currently in the process of adding biographical information to the authors’ page and will be adding more authors soon. There are still more developments to come. As for the blog, there are a couple of interviews coming, and some other stuff. Don’t forget to check out our new releases for 2013: The End of Mythology by A. Molotkov and John Sibley, Williams, Beneath our Feet by Mary B. Harrison, and Nothing. No One. Nowhere. issue 5, edited by Sonnet Mondal (f.y.i., the entire current issue of N.N.N. will be available at its website, check it out for updates). Visit our purchase page and buy our books. Help us continue to support the literary arts and the inspired work of poetry. Thanks for stopping by and your continued interest.