The VGP Literate No. 9

To Slip Between Stones


as water/with sea snakes on surface
Loch Ness one dragon’s breath away
Death in  a smooth skin fang sac
Toxicity assured/chill contact
Our ancestors small when they rose tall serpents
Now garter and grass snakes,smaller than lizards
Milk them for venom vaccine
Cobra in basket rising like smoke
Our fear returns when we see their shape
snakes on a plane, in the grass, on the road
One on one-we are always alone
Snakes swim in swamps/waters their home
Rainbow Serpent waterhole/billabong
Death is the skin of a snake moved on


Spirit Thom is a world-poet troubadour, and purveyor of the arts. He resides in Austin, TX. His collection of poetry, “Future Dreaming,” is forthcoming from Virgogray Press.