Carcinogenic Poetry: Top Ten No. 3

Be Alone

I wish it were
ten, no eleven
years ago
I was 20
drunk high
bruised crimson
bloody making angels
in the powdered snow.
It all made sense
the water the dark the light
the wet
melted into my hips
my heart
but I woke up
and I knew
exactly where I
was supposed to

Isn’t That Lovely

Ashton, 4, and I
walking outside together
this morning, the
air was moist
and unusually warm
Holding hands, he asked, “Mommy,
what’s that mell?”
“That sssmmell,” I smiled and answered
“is the sun, earth, water, and trees.”
We both took in
more air and in
A sweet dewy breath
he reflected,
“It mells like the clouds.”
“Of course it does,” I whispered
watching the clouds floating
there in his big
blue eyes.

Tara Channtelle Hill is 31, an aspiring poet/writer and post-baccalaureate student at Northern Michigan University.

Carcinogenic Poetry: Top Ten crystallizes the journal between 2009 and 2015, sharing the most read posts to date. Presented from final poem to the top of the set, Tara’s poem was published on Tuesday, February 1, 2011 and was the eighth most read post at Carcinogenic Poetry.