Carcinogenic Poetry: Top Ten No. 8

Fixed Positions

Tyrannies demand
strict obedience
from their citizens
and will kill anyone
who tries to defy them.
Anarchists demand
unlimited freedom
from government restraint
and will kill anyone
who tries to control them.
Terrorists demand
numerous restrictions
on nations of consent
and will kill anyone
who tries to resist them.
Democracies display
one standard at home
another abroad
and will kill anyone
who tries to dispute them.

Gary Beck has spent most of his adult life as a theater director and worked as an art dealer when he couldn’t earn a living in the theater. His chapbook ‘Remembrance’ was published by Origami Condom Press and ‘The Conquest of Somalia’ was published by Cervena Barva Press. He currently lives in New York City, where he’s busy writing. His poetry and fiction has appeared in hundreds of literary magazines.

Carcinogenic Poetry: Top Ten crystallizes the journal between 2009 and 2015, sharing the most read posts to date. Presented from final poem to the top of the set, Gary’s poem was published on Monday, May 24, 2010, and was the third most read post at Carcinogenic Poetry.