New Work At Carcinogenic Poetry

Good afternoon, readers.

Carcinogenic Poetry has once again started publishing. Aside from a perennial break in publishing, the website was also offline for a brief period of time. Fortunately, our readers remembered us. And we thank you. An excited effect has begun to resound as we have decided to create a print counterpart to the tenured online blog with the simple addendum. The Carcinogenic Poetry Review is now accepting submissions of poetry and artwork. But, you can see the “Submission Guidelines,” or visit our “Current Publications” tab for more information about that.

New work has begun to roll out of the ol’ factory. The latest releases include work by Richard Murphy and Gerard Sarnat, with poetry to come from artist and novelist, Ivan Jenson and Romanian poet, Marieta Maglas. There’s more to come. Do visit the Carcinogenic Poetry website, subscribe, and enjoy the poetry of the independent poet, the writers of the literary underground worldwide.

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