The VGP Literate No. 16

Million Millennial March

They will flood
the streets
like a tsunami
of determination
and they will confront
the powers that bee-sting
the masses
and they will raise
their hands
and swat the buzz
right out of the
fly on the wall
Big Brother
watching us all
and monitoring
our every
left wing movement
and then this
wet behind the ear
generation will
gather no moss
when they abstain
from throwing the
first stone
as they remember
the power flowers
of the sixties
that baby boomed
and then went bust
on the side of the road
paved with the 70s’
“have a nice day”

Ivan Jenson, a celebrated Pop artist of New York City, moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan where he experienced success as a published poet and novelist. Ivan has over 600 poems published internationally, online and in print, as well as a book of poems and four novels. Ivan Jenson’s new novel Gypsies of New Rochelle, a comic family saga circa 1980, has been published as a paperback and eBook by Michelkin Publishing.