Carcinogenic Poetry


ISSN: 2152-6036
ISSN: 2152-6036
Established: 2009
ISSN (digital): 2152-6036

Editor-in-Chief: Michael Aaron Casares
Publisher: Virgogray Press

Since 2009, Carcinogenic Poetry has endeavored to present as many voices from the literary independent and underground from both new and established. Carcinogenic Poetry is not a poetry blog about cancer. It is a poetry blog about passion and truth. We are open to all types of verse, as long as it contains these two qualities. At Carcinogenic Poetry we believe THE TRUTH IS TO LIES LIKE CANCER, and we are looking for the poetry that is the vehicle of truth for that poet and their work. Sometimes that truth is beautiful. Sometimes that truth is bleak. The aim of Carcinogenic Poetry is to capture the full-range of tones by which these truths are delivered. Please visit our “Submissions” page for information about publishing your work at Carcinogenic Poetry.

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The Carcinogenic Poetry Top 10

Below is the top 10 most read Carcinogenic Poetry entries between 2009 and 2015 as featured on our blog. Congratulations to the CP top ten, it’s not an easy position to get in, and congratulations to Steven Calamars on being the most read CP poet! Click on the poets to read their work. 

#1 – Steve Calamars
#2 – Ross Vassilev
#3 – Gary Beck
#4 – Jeffrey Parker
#5 – Joseph Reich
#6 – La’akea Smith
#7 – Richard D. Houff
#8 – Tara Chantelle Hill
#9 – Marcelo Hernandez
#10 – Youssef Alaoui-Fdili