Carcinogenic Poetry


ISSN: 2152-6036
ISSN: 2152-6036


Carcinogenic Poetry accepts a variety of types and styles of poetry. CP endeavors to present as many voices from the literary independent and underground, both new and established. Carcinogenic Poetry is not a poetry blog about cancer, but rather takes the stance, ‘the truth is to lies like cancer;’ that is to say, poetry that rings with the truth of a poet sheds light on the darkness of the soul. Sometimes that truth is beautiful; sometimes that truth is bleak. The aim of Carcinogenic Poetry is to capture the full-range of tones by which these truths are delivered.


Carcinogenic Poetry publishes weekly. To read, and for submission guidelines and information, visit:





Carcinogenic Poetry anthologizes annually. Volume 1 (2009/2010) and Volume 2 (2011) are both available from Virgogray Press.

The Virgogray Press Carcinogenic Poetry print anthology is an annual magnum opus of poetry collected throughout the year. The anthologies capture simultaneously all the voices included on the Carcinogenic Poetry website. Poets include: A.J. Kaufmann, David S. Pointer, Michael Mc Aloran, Dr. Ehud Sela, Shubh Shiesser, Howie Good, Gillian Prew, Peter Marti, Steve Calamars, Ross Vassilev, Richard Fein, Carly Bryson and many more!