Nothing. No One. Nowhere. No. 2

Good day, mates. Today is a day that marks the release of a string of publications. Though we have not been talking much about what’s to come for 2011, I assure you, readers and fans of VGP chaps and the poets we work with will be very excited. As for Nothing. No One. Nowhere. This publication has been fun and challenging, a definite learning experience. Thanks to the authors and writers who participate. I was pleased to see some familiar names pop up for the latest, but don’t take my word for it, check out the issue. In the meantime, here’s a note from NNN editor, Amelia Hoff:

Dear Readers,

In light of all the delays NNN. no. 1 produced, I was pleased to see the second issue come to fruition. There is an exciting read in store for those patient enough to wait. Poetry from Joshua Baumsgarten, Subhankar Das, RL Raymond, Howie Good, Peter Magliocco, J.J. Steinfeld, David S. Pointer; Prose by Joe Karmia, Michael McAloran, James Brush; Artwork by Michael McAloran and more, Music Reviews of Tori Amos, The Black Angels, and Labasheeda; poetry reviews of Paul Richardson and more! The internet preview of issue Nothing. No One. Nowhere. No. 2 should post by midnight tonight! Thanks again for your patience!


Nothing. No One. Nowhere. Today

A note from Amelia Hoff, editor of Nothing. No One. Nowhere:

I am happy to announce the official release of Nothing. No One. Nowhere No. 1. I appreciate your patience, writer & reader. I thank all those who submitted for the inaugural issue of NNN. The decisions were tough in some instances, nevertheless, I am grateful to present this sacred text. I believe I’ve contacted all those whose work was published; if I have not, your submission may be in hold over for the second issue and I will contact soon. I was quite eager to see this text put together and bound in Virgogray’s signature chapbook style, and the collection is handsome, indeed. Nothing. No One. Nowhere No. 1 has poetry, art, reviews, prose– and is not short of talent. A sample is provided in the box to left or click the links. Thanks again to all those involved. I know the peeps at Virgogray and all those in their readerdom will enjoy this novel zine.


Nothing. No One. Nowhere. is a great joy of a collection, bold as anything we’ve released at Virgogray.  The zine is 53 pages, jam packed with lit/art relavent content and full color. Purchasing information is available at

Coming January 2011: Nothing No One Nowhere

We will be releasing a new publication of poetry and prose next year and are now accepting submissions. Nothing No One Nowhere will be published quarterly in print edition and will be edited by Amelia Hoff. Submissions will close on December 1st, 2010 or when the issue is full. These are the general guidelines:

You may submit up to five pieces of poetry or short prose/flash fiction or up to the total of 5 pages.

Short stories, fiction, plays, and interviews may be submitted with a length of up to 10 pages.

Reviews maybe submitted with a length up to 2 pages per review. You may submit up to three reviews.

Public Forum/Polemics- This is a segment of the magazine dedicate to allowing the voice of public concern, thought or question to be expressed. Community to world wide, this space is open for your truth.

Art maybe sent in .jpeg format. Do not send .zip or like format. You may send a minimum of 4 images and up to 10 images. The work you submit may not previously appear in any print or internet media.

Please do not send genre writing: science fiction, fantasy, etc.

If there is a format of writing you wish to submit not included above, you may contact and inquire.


YOU MAY SUBMIT PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED WORK, however, they must be older than one year from the publication date of the Nothing No One Nowhere issue you wish your work to appear in. Please include publishing history in your cover letter.

Please indicate what type of writing you are submitting (i.e. fiction, short story, public forum, etc.)

There may be up to a three month waiting period; please consider this when submitting.

Submissions must be marked: Nothing No One Nowhere Submission or NNN-submission

Please include your mailing address and a bio spit not to exceed three lines.

All submissions should be sent by e-mail in the body of the draft to:

Please follow these guidelines and please acknowledge all previous publication no matter what the circumstance.

There is no payment for publication in Nothing No One Nowhere, though we are hoping to provide monetary compensation to our contributors in the future. However, any creator featured in Nothing No One Nowhere will receive one contributor copy.

Advertise in Nothing No One Nowhere

We will reserve a limited amount of retail space for you to advertise your latest work or your business. All adds must be black and white or grayscale. Ads must be sent in .jpeg format or .gif format and must be print ready. We use laser printers so the detail of your ad will display. These are the ad rates:

Whole Page: Height 7.88” Width 5”                              $60

Half Page Square: Height 5” Width 3.88”                      $40

Quarter Page Tall: Height 3.88” Width 2.5”                   $20

Quarter Page Long: Height 2” Width 5”                        $20

1/8 Page Square: Height 2” Width 2.5”                        $10

Payment options may be discussed in correspondence.

Mark your email: NNN-ad

Ad inclusion ends December 1, 2010. No exceptions.