Nothing. No One. Nowhere. Today

A note from Amelia Hoff, editor of Nothing. No One. Nowhere:

I am happy to announce the official release of Nothing. No One. Nowhere No. 1. I appreciate your patience, writer & reader. I thank all those who submitted for the inaugural issue of NNN. The decisions were tough in some instances, nevertheless, I am grateful to present this sacred text. I believe I’ve contacted all those whose work was published; if I have not, your submission may be in hold over for the second issue and I will contact soon. I was quite eager to see this text put together and bound in Virgogray’s signature chapbook style, and the collection is handsome, indeed. Nothing. No One. Nowhere No. 1 has poetry, art, reviews, prose– and is not short of talent. A sample is provided in the box to left or click the links. Thanks again to all those involved. I know the peeps at Virgogray and all those in their readerdom will enjoy this novel zine.


Nothing. No One. Nowhere. is a great joy of a collection, bold as anything we’ve released at Virgogray.  The zine is 53 pages, jam packed with lit/art relavent content and full color. Purchasing information is available at