Fifth Issue of Nothing. No One. Nowhere. Out Now


Virgogray Press is pleased to present the fifth issue of Nothing. No One. Nowhere. The literary and arts culture magazine returns in a jam packed issue– over 90 pages!— of poetry, ficition, essays and more! This issue has been guest edited by author, Sonnet Mondal and brings together a rich text of literature and critical analysis. When Virgogray first put out its call for a guest editor to fill in the duties involving selection and content, Sonnet was among the first to reply. It is a great pleasure to see the magnum opus he has crafted, a deep reservoir to enjoy and to invoke inspiration and thought-processes. More information on Nothing. No One. Nowhere. can be found at  Here’s the content of this issue:


A Matter of Life
by Vihang A. Naik

These Absorbent Days
The Best Interest Flower Bouquet
by David S. Pointer

Things I used to Want to Write About
by Eugenia Tan


The Case of the Missing Shoe
by Dr. Bina Biswas

Questions Answered
by Matthew Wilson

by James Robinson


The Moping Owl: The Eptiome of Melancholy
By Zinia Mitra

Identity Issues in the Poetry of Nissim Eziekiel
by Dr. Arvind Nawale & Prashant Mothe

Girish Karnad’s Hayavadana and Angela Carter’s
Night at the Circus: A Comparative Study of Indian
and Western Traditions of Story Telling
by Dr. Shamenz

Gary Soto’s Vision of Chicano Experiences:
The Elements of San Joaquin and Human Nature
By Dr. Paula Hayes

Music Reviews

Clan of Xymox: Kindred Spirit
Review by M.A. Casares

Vitesse: Chelsea
Review by M.A. Casares

Nothing. No One. Nowhere. Today

A note from Amelia Hoff, editor of Nothing. No One. Nowhere:

I am happy to announce the official release of Nothing. No One. Nowhere No. 1. I appreciate your patience, writer & reader. I thank all those who submitted for the inaugural issue of NNN. The decisions were tough in some instances, nevertheless, I am grateful to present this sacred text. I believe I’ve contacted all those whose work was published; if I have not, your submission may be in hold over for the second issue and I will contact soon. I was quite eager to see this text put together and bound in Virgogray’s signature chapbook style, and the collection is handsome, indeed. Nothing. No One. Nowhere No. 1 has poetry, art, reviews, prose– and is not short of talent. A sample is provided in the box to left or click the links. Thanks again to all those involved. I know the peeps at Virgogray and all those in their readerdom will enjoy this novel zine.


Nothing. No One. Nowhere. is a great joy of a collection, bold as anything we’ve released at Virgogray.  The zine is 53 pages, jam packed with lit/art relavent content and full color. Purchasing information is available at