Michael Aaron Casares: This Reality of Man

Title: This Reality of Man
Author: Michael Aaron Casares
Genre: Poetry
Pages: 94
Release Date: June 4, 2011
Publisher: Lizard’s Tale Press
ISBN: 978-0-557-69642-0
Specs.: 6 x 9, softcover

“This Reality of Man” by poet & artist, Michael Aaron Casares is a collection of poetry that delves into the personal, conscience, social, and humanistic paradigms of our grand illusion: life.Its publisher, Lizard’s Tale Press, heralds it as “poetry of the new enlightenment.” The book gathers new verse, as well as verse previously published in Eviscerator Heaven, Calliope Nerve, Gloom Cupboard, Quib.Nest.Nido., The Dreamcatcher, The San Antonio Express News, Carcinogenic Poetry, The Clockwise Cat, and The Stark Electric Space, among others. This Reality of Man, a collection of poems bursting from the independent underground; new views coming into light for the evolution of thought and the awakening consciousness. 92 pages. $15.00

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