Publication Opportunity Updates

For some writers it’s all about getting published, for others it is just the thought of sharing their work with others. At Virgogray Press, these opportunities are all possible and to a continuously growing audience. Here’s a note to inform we’ve updated our Submissions Page. Quite typically our submissions expand and contract throughout the year and we recommend regular visits. This latest expansion includes the submission call for a new anthology of patriotic poetry. Here is the skinny:

Patriotic Poetry

We want your patriotic poetry! Join Virgogray Press in a new anthology of verse celebrating your American heritage! We’re looking for all types of poetry, so don’t be afraid to show us your red, white and blue pride! These are the stipulations:

Submit POETRY ONLY! Poems may be up to 100 lines in length. Submit no more than 5 poems. You will not  receive monetary compensation if published! You will receive a contributors copy with our thanks! Your name will be adorned in the annals of this press and, with luck, beyond. When you submit your work, please INCLUDE a BIOGRAPHY not to exceed 4 sentences or five lines.  ALSO INCLUDE your MAILING ADDRESS.

 Subject Line: (Patriotic Poetry / Last name)

Please visit our Submissions page for details on all our current publication opportunities. And don’t forget, we can’t do what we do without you; thanks for your continued support and for being a part of this literary canon.

Carcinogenic Poetry 200 Posts Strong!

Carcinogenic Poetry celebrated its 200th post today, marking a year and a half of sharing poetry from independent, literary voice. To date many poets have passed through the halls of Carcinogenic Poetry from traditional writers, to publishers, radio hosts, visual artists, editors, professors, doctors, laymen, entrepeneurs, all walks of life and they are all from the underground. These are the voices you will not hear anywhere else, lest they be amongst the ranks of independent and small lit culture itself. Carcinogenic Poetry was created as a beacon of truth in the vast expanse of the poetic genre; it has become a venue of choice, playing host to many influential and popular names: Felino A. Soriano, Ross Vassilev, Joe Milford, Gillian Prew,  John Sibley Williams, Michael Mc Aloran, Ivan Jenson, Carly Bryson,  A.J. Kaufmann, Howie Good to name a few. 
Carcinogenic Poetry publishes on a rolling basis and posts new poetry about once a week. At the end of the year, the blog is anthologized in an annual year book– the Carcinogenic Poetry Print Anthology. Last year we topped 300 pages with over 100 poets featured. The anthology proved to be a great hallmark of modern literature and a signature of the voice and future of the independent literate. We welcome all to be apart of the spectacle again. We are about half-year and are looking to release the second volume anthology in December. Submit now. Don’t forget, reprints ARE ACCEPTABLE. PLEASE READ GUIDELINES for full details. Thanks again to everyone who contributes to Carcinogenic Poetry and thanks to both the readers and writers who always return. Blessing be to all.

Carcinogenic Poetry: Lest We Forget

Carcinogenic Poetry is the original Virgogray Press poetry blog that houses verse by poets around the world. Since its inception in December 2009, Carcinogenic Poetry has grown into a powerhouse of todays finest underground writers and poets. In just under two years, Carcinogenic Poetry has garnered readers in over 75 countries and averages over 1,000 views per month. In late 2010, Virgogray Press issued the first annual Carcinogenic Poetry Print Anthology which featured the work of over 100 poets and exceeded 300 pages. We here at Virgogray are thankful to all involved in the success of this publication and look forward to future correspondence. Carcinogenic Poetry is open to submission year round and accepts previously published poetry, as well. Visit for the full submission guidelines. At Carcinogenic Poetry, we are interested in poetry with heart and soul; verse unafraid to ignite the fire of truth for the truth is to lies like cancer. Come read; come get read at Carcinogenic Poetry.



Carcinogenic Poetry Print Anthology (2010). Click the picture to purchase.