Carcinogenic Poetry: Lest We Forget

Carcinogenic Poetry is the original Virgogray Press poetry blog that houses verse by poets around the world. Since its inception in December 2009, Carcinogenic Poetry has grown into a powerhouse of todays finest underground writers and poets. In just under two years, Carcinogenic Poetry has garnered readers in over 75 countries and averages over 1,000 views per month. In late 2010, Virgogray Press issued the first annual Carcinogenic Poetry Print Anthology which featured the work of over 100 poets and exceeded 300 pages. We here at Virgogray are thankful to all involved in the success of this publication and look forward to future correspondence. Carcinogenic Poetry is open to submission year round and accepts previously published poetry, as well. Visit for the full submission guidelines. At Carcinogenic Poetry, we are interested in poetry with heart and soul; verse unafraid to ignite the fire of truth for the truth is to lies like cancer. Come read; come get read at Carcinogenic Poetry.



Carcinogenic Poetry Print Anthology (2010). Click the picture to purchase.

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