Sing Now, America! New VGP Anthology



Virgogray Press presents a new poetry anthology that proudly sings America! A conglomeration of verse compiled in honor of  the U.S.A., Sing Now, America includes verse that reminds of rights guaranteed, remembers our soldiers and veterans, takes pride in what was the symbol of freedom, prosperity and dignity. More than just the symbol of freedom and equality for all, the United States of America was created by an enlightened document that is a road map for the world to secure life, liberty and happiness for a free and equal man. Sing now, America, of the freedom and glory we once held. We are happy to present a poetic reference to a patriotic theme. Mark Lecuona, Linda Reid, James Piatt, Durrell Thompson, Bill Bergeron, Amy L. George, Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti, David S. Pointer, Sharon Alsop, Sarah Mack, Debbie Bongiovanni, Durrell Thompson.  36 pages. 

Sing Now, America! New Poetry Anthology from Virgogray Press

After much waiting and anticipation and months of preparation, Virgogray Press is ready to release its newest poetry anthology, Sing Now, America! Sing Now, America! is a collection of poems with a patriotic theme. Many writers sent in their work, and there was also much deliberation, but we believe we selected the best work submitted that both celebrates and remembers the values, ideals and philosophies that made the USA a great country. We hope you will join our gathering of poets as we honor through verse the most radical experiment in freedom, The United States of America. Release June 26, 2012.

Were you published in Sing Now, America? Here’s the roll call!

The Abridged Constitution
by Mark Lecuona

Rise Up Grassroots
by Linda Reid

My America
The Vestige of Battle
War’s Injustice
by James Piatt

Momma’s Kiss
by Durrell Thompson

A Million Crosses
by Bill Bergeron

For My Father
by Amy L. George

America’s Freedom
by Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti

Gang Green
New World Work
by David S. Pointer

The Statue of Liberty
by Sharon Alsop

Living Abroad
by Sarah Mack

Be Patriotic
by Debbie Bongiovanni

Speed Dial
by Durrell Thompson

Publication Opportunity Updates

For some writers it’s all about getting published, for others it is just the thought of sharing their work with others. At Virgogray Press, these opportunities are all possible and to a continuously growing audience. Here’s a note to inform we’ve updated our Submissions Page. Quite typically our submissions expand and contract throughout the year and we recommend regular visits. This latest expansion includes the submission call for a new anthology of patriotic poetry. Here is the skinny:

Patriotic Poetry

We want your patriotic poetry! Join Virgogray Press in a new anthology of verse celebrating your American heritage! We’re looking for all types of poetry, so don’t be afraid to show us your red, white and blue pride! These are the stipulations:

Submit POETRY ONLY! Poems may be up to 100 lines in length. Submit no more than 5 poems. You will not  receive monetary compensation if published! You will receive a contributors copy with our thanks! Your name will be adorned in the annals of this press and, with luck, beyond. When you submit your work, please INCLUDE a BIOGRAPHY not to exceed 4 sentences or five lines.  ALSO INCLUDE your MAILING ADDRESS.

 Subject Line: (Patriotic Poetry / Last name)

Please visit our Submissions page for details on all our current publication opportunities. And don’t forget, we can’t do what we do without you; thanks for your continued support and for being a part of this literary canon.