Sing Now, America! New Poetry Anthology from Virgogray Press

After much waiting and anticipation and months of preparation, Virgogray Press is ready to release its newest poetry anthology, Sing Now, America! Sing Now, America! is a collection of poems with a patriotic theme. Many writers sent in their work, and there was also much deliberation, but we believe we selected the best work submitted that both celebrates and remembers the values, ideals and philosophies that made the USA a great country. We hope you will join our gathering of poets as we honor through verse the most radical experiment in freedom, The United States of America. Release June 26, 2012.

Were you published in Sing Now, America? Here’s the roll call!

The Abridged Constitution
by Mark Lecuona

Rise Up Grassroots
by Linda Reid

My America
The Vestige of Battle
War’s Injustice
by James Piatt

Momma’s Kiss
by Durrell Thompson

A Million Crosses
by Bill Bergeron

For My Father
by Amy L. George

America’s Freedom
by Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti

Gang Green
New World Work
by David S. Pointer

The Statue of Liberty
by Sharon Alsop

Living Abroad
by Sarah Mack

Be Patriotic
by Debbie Bongiovanni

Speed Dial
by Durrell Thompson

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